What the most incredible Toyota pickup looks like (video)


What the most incredible pickup looks like Toyota (video)

The six-wheeled Toyota Hilux was designed for the harsh conditions of Antarctica. The construction of one such pickup truck costs $ 275,000.

The Toyota Hilux pickup truck has an extreme six-wheeled version. Such an SUV costs 275 thousand dollars and is prepared for very harsh operating conditions. A video about the car was published on the Barcroft Cars Youtube channel.

What Toyota's most incredible pickup looks like (video )

The Toyota Hilux AT44 6X6 pickup truck was created specifically for the Antarctic expedition. Its participants ordered several of these cars from the famous Icelandic company Artctic Trucks, which makes the most incredible off-road vehicles.

What Toyota's most incredible pickup looks like (video )

In fact, the car is 80% new – its design has been radically redesigned. The pickup was not only lengthened to 6 m, but also its frame was strengthened. Ground clearance has been increased to 370 mm and huge 44-inch tires have appeared. By the way, you can pump them up from the cabin – a special compressor is installed, like on military equipment.

What Toyota's most incredible pickup looks like (video)

Tuning Toyota Hilux did not affect the powertrain – the pickup is equipped with a standard 3.0- liter turbodiesel with 171 liters. With. and 5-speed automatic transmission. Naturally, all-wheel drive is supplemented with a reduction gear and differential locks.

To order Toyota Hilux AT44 6X6 now everyone can buy it. The car can even be converted into a motorhome.

By the way, this is not the only six-wheeled Toyota, but, as a rule, such cars are made based on the Tundra model. There are also in Ukraine.


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