What the scandalous Polish film “Escort Women” tells about


    What the scandalous Polish is about film «Escort Women»

    One of the most popular films of the season is the Polish drama Escorts. We looked at what hooked the audience on the film directed by Maria Sadovskaya and why it was called scandalous.

    “Escorts”: the path of a prostitute

    The story begins in a provincial Polish province, where 14-year-old Amy vegetates, and her mother works at a press kiosk. Amy dreams of a ticket to the big city, to a better world. About winning a beauty contest. However, the beauty contest also opens up the other side of the show for her – set-ups, bullying, defeat.

    There is also a kind-hearted organizer who, along with the already “experienced Miss”, quickly gives a lecture on how to become successful in the world of shiny dresses and bare breasts. Especially if you are a virgin.

    At this brief stage of the film, morality and conscience for the first, but not the last time, surrender their powers to gain and sex. Amy does not suffer too much, but when she gets to the “mother” from the 90s, she quickly begins to build a more successful modern career.

    Milestones of a great erotic journey: Rzeszow – Warsaw – Courchevel – Cannes – Dubai. Glitter and poverty, sex and violence. But all the time something in the film seems to be a repetition. It starts like Pyotr Todorovsky's late-Soviet drama “Intergirl”, continues like Paul Verhoeven's Hollywood classic about the cruel world behind the scenes of show business – “Showgirls”, and ends like Tinto Brass' “half-porno” – “Caligula”.

    What the scandalous Polish film &laquo tells about

    What the controversial Polish film « Escorts

    What does the scandalous Polish film

    The sudden popularity of this film (released in Poland in 2021) in the CIS is associated with the translation of “Dubai Girls” (original title) into Russian and the launch of the rental and streaming platforms. Due to sanctions, Russia is now unable to watch Batman, Fantastic Beasts, or the new adventures of Doctor Strange. So they vacuumed up films that are not produced by large companies.

    The top of the career of an escort is the Emirates

    But it would not be true to say that “The Escorts” is a completely passing film. For a generation that does not remember Showgirls (let alone Intergirl) and does not know who Caligula is, this is a fresh look at the industry. An industry that is also developing and its centers are changing. In 2007, the Russian pimp Peter Listerman got into a famous scandal – a group of his underage “models” for millionaires was detained by the French police in Courchevel. Well, in the last decade, the fashion for sheikhs has come.

    Now the top of the escort career is to get to the Emirates. In the secret hierarchy of this Mecca of sex work, Slavs, especially Russians, occupy the top lines. Arab women constitute a separate group, the most highly valued because they are the “hardest to get” in the public market. The lowest places are occupied by Chinese and Filipino women, who are inferior to their counterparts from Central Asia, and those, in turn, to Europeans. There are no official estimates of the extent of the practice in the capital of the Emirates, according to the British Guardian, in total we are talking about 45,000 young women.

    More than 19 million people visit Dubai every year, and the profits from tourism have forced the conservative Emirati authorities to tacitly agree to the development of this “industry”. Officially, you can still go to jail for kissing the cheek in public, drinking alcohol, or for adultery, but in practice, every five-star hotel has a special license, thanks to which bars serve alcohol to customers and accompany girls. The authoritative Polish publication Polityka writes about this in a review of the film.

    What the controversial Polish film « Escorts

    What does the scandalous Polish film

    What does the scandalous Polish film

    So Escorts is a film about the day. Not without tragedy. But not without a final orgy, which even master Tinto Brass would envy. There is a real 18+ and take away not only children, but also impressionable mothers from the screens.

    The significantly different ratings on the IMDb world portal – 4.9 and its Russian counterpart Kinopoisk – 6, speak about the different perception of this tape. 5. Our rating is a solid 6 out of 10.


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