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What time is it&nbsp ;? The exact time in France after the time change

And there you have it, the time change is over! Do you have any doubts about the real time? Evacuate it by consulting Paris time.

The French are used to asking themselves this question after all the time changes. And the passage to winter time which was programmed this Sunday, October 29 should not deviate from this. the rule. Although the double seasonal time change dates back four decades in France, it is not always easy to remember whether the hands move forward or backward at the right time. on the occasion of the time change.

Checkthe exact time  Paris, in real time, via the module below:

We have integrated; this module has our page at from the specialized site WebHorloge.fr, which displays Paris time live.

To stay on top of the exact time in France, even with the switch to During summer time, it is not necessarily necessary to reset your clocks. the time, respecting the invariable rules of time change (the hand moves forward one hour in summer, back one hour in winter). Some devices start to work. day by itself like smartphones, tablets, computers, alarm clocks, decoders, watches, but also the clocks of certain cars and certain home appliances, as long as they are “intelligent”, in other words "connected".

For everything that is analog, on the other hand, we must act. Oven, TV, microwave, clock radio, telephone, watch or even clock in the living room. eat… Each device in the house thus gives its time, some returning to the correct "timing" automatically, others do not, making us doubt the “official” time display, the one in which we must believe.

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There is no time display. Elsewhere, not only at the time of the time change, knowing the exact time proves crucial. Everyone already has experienced the following situation: your watch slows down, your pendulum moves forward, etc. If a few minutes in advance rarely leads to more Consequently, a few minutes of delay can cause embarrassment. And no matter how much we go in search of what time it is around us, cell phones, watches and alarm clocks are far from all displaying the same time.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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