What to do if you fall asleep all the time in the morning, and we tell you how to overcome this feeling


July 21, 2022, 19:05 | Medicine

There are simple and effective ways to perk up if you haven't slept.

What to do if you fall asleep all the time in the morning, and we tell you how to overcome this feeling

For a modern person living a full life, the problem of lack of sleep is almost the most pressing. We found out what to do if you are falling asleep all the time in the morning, and we tell you how to overcome this feeling, informs Ukr.Media.

Drink coffee scientifically (#1)

They say that a short nap after a cup of coffee helps to increase the effect of the drink several times. Microsleep, that's what these 15-20 minutes in bed are called, helps restore strength and prepare the body for the effects of caffeine. The mechanics of such a power nap technique are as follows: you drink a small cup of strong coffee (for a greater effect, you can also snack on bitter chocolate), and go to bed, setting the alarm clock for a maximum of 20 minutes, so that you have time to get up before the onset of deep sleep. Just before waking up, caffeine will start to affect the body, and sleep will increase the invigorating effect.

Chew a mint (or something with mint)< /strong>

And if there is no mint at hand, then menthol chewing gum will do just fine, especially since the effect from it will be twice as bright. Menthol itself acts as an energizer, stimulating the body, and chewing movements activate the brain, which begins to think that now it will be necessary to start the process of digesting food. For this, it produces insulin, which causes a feeling of vigor.

Drink coffee scientifically (#2)

There is also a rule that you cannot drink coffee within an hour of waking up. Recent studies have shown that during this period of time, our body produces cortisol, which helps the body to wake up. Caffeine, on the other hand, interferes with this natural process, blocking the production of the stress hormone. As a result, the body needs more time to restore the usual rhythm after sleep, and we pick our nose for a long time, even sitting in front of the work computer monitor.

Wash your hands

Literally rinse your hands with cold water. Not the face, not the head, not the body, but the hands. This technique allows you to quickly recover and is good not only as a method of combating drowsiness, but also if there is a desire to cool down in the heat, as well as to relieve nervous tension in a stressful situation. Such a reaction is due to the fact that our hands have connection points with our whole body (remember the techniques of oriental massage).

Make a massage

Our body has several points, moderate pressure on which allows to increase blood circulation in the body, which, among other things, leads to relief from drowsiness. Give yourself a massage by slowly pressing in a circular motion on the top of the neck, the back of the neck, the earlobes, the point between the thumb and forefinger, and the area below the knees.

Sit on a tree&# 39; metal chair

Or iron, cast iron, plastic – any, but not an upholstered one, and even more so not an armchair or sofa. Your task is to create for yourself the most uncomfortable conditions of existence for the time being. The hard surface on which you will temporarily (this is an important word) sit will cause you a feeling of discomfort, and sleep will disappear like a hand, because you absolutely do not want to sleep when it is uncomfortable.


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