What to do if your suitcases were lost at the airport during the holidays?

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What to do if your suitcases were lost at the airport during the holidays?

Flight delays and cancellations due to bad weather forced many travelers to spend hours or even days at the Vancouver airport before Christmas.

With the thousands of luggage lost across the country over the holiday season due to weather disruptions, many travelers will be looking to get their belongings back in the days ahead.

Here's how to do it.

First of all, it is important to quickly fill out a form for lost or delayed luggage with your airline and include as much information as possible, such as a photo of the luggage, a description of the bag and its contents. , travel tag and flight information.

Claims must be submitted within 21 days for a delayed bag and within 7 days for a damaged bag. A suitcase is considered lost after 21 days of delay or as soon as the airline admits having misplaced it.

According to the Air Passenger Protection Regulations, an airline can be held liable for the loss or damage of a suitcase for an amount of approximately 2300 Canadian dollars.

Travelers wait at Vancouver airport after a storm forced the cancellation of several flights.

An airline may compensate a passenger for the costs of certain items not essentials such as a bathing suit during a beach vacation or the rental of a stroller in the event of loss. However, the company can determine what constitutes a reasonable purchase or not.

This obligation to compensate travelers also includes expenses related to travel to retrieve their suitcases, either a taxi or gas to get to the airport and the costs for parking.

The responsibility lies with the airline you are flying with, not the airport. Your luggage should be able to follow you wherever you go.

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has put up a temporary wall to protect the approximately 2,500 suitcases that are not have not been claimed.

Travelers looking for their lost luggage should first fill out a lost suitcase report form, but they can still go there with their luggage tag and plane ticket to be escorted to the protected area. to search for their possessions.

Airport authorities say passengers can approach the baggage support team for assistance. The team can be found at the information desk on level 2 for domestic flight arrivals and on level 1 for international flight arrivals.

Members of this team continue to help partner airlines answer customer questions and help travelers find their bags, reads a statement from YVR.

More than 2,500 suitcases are still at Vancouver airport awaiting collection.

If the airline refuses or ignores a complaint, it is possible to assert your rights with legal recourse.

In Canada, legal action may be taken in the province where the company's head office is located, in the province where the plane ticket was purchased or in the province of destination of the flight.

Procedures may vary from place to place, however, and there is a two-year time limit for taking legal action regarding a baggage claim.

Travellers can also file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency, but they must be patient, since the agency's processing times are approximately 18 months.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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