What to watch: good films to distract


    What to watch: good films to distract

    Due to the sheer amount of news and tragedy, many of us need a little distraction – put the phone away and just watch something pleasant. And since nothing is more tender than animals, we offer you this light selection of wonderful and kind films about them.

    “Wonders of the Coral Reef”
    This is a very kind story about a little fish named Poof who lives on a coral reef. He explores the reef, learns to be an adult and independent. But in addition to the story of the fish itself, the film also tells about the reef itself, its corals and inhabitants.

    “Dolphin Reef”
    This is another story about a reef, but this time its main characters are the little dolphin Echo and his mother Humu. The dolphin is a little naughty and curious, but his mother tries to teach him to survive on his own and get his own food. At the same time, another family of the underwater world is shown in the film – humpback whales, as well as many fish and other inhabitants of the ocean.

    “Puppy School”
    This is a very kind and sweet film , which tells the stories of five puppies born in a special center that trains guide dogs. For two years, kids have been actively preparing to become true friends of blind and visually impaired people in the future. The film shows the process of preparing dogs, as well as how much these animals are needed.

    “Cat's childhood”
    This film tells the story of three kittens in three different countries and how each of them cognizes the world, lives, eats. At the same time, the audience is told about the behavior of cats, their habits and habits.

    Penguins are insanely cute creatures that always make you smile. In this wonderful film, we are told the story of a penguin named Steve, who is trying to find love and start a family.


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