What truck drivers do to avoid falling asleep at the wheel


May 21, 2022, 11:00 p.m. | Auto

What to do when falling asleep.

What truck drivers do to avoid falling asleep at the wheel< /p>

When setting out on a long journey, many drivers prefer to leave their native lands before dark. Some try to leave early in the morning to beat the traffic jams. Others leave at night, justifying it by the fact that it is easier for their passengers, especially children, to endure the journey. And you can partially agree with both of them, informs Ukr.Media.

However, not everyone tolerates well, such "early" departures After a while, the monotony of the road, the comfort of the car's suspension, the twilight and the silence in the cabin do their job – both of them begin to drift off to sleep. And therein lies a great danger, including for other road users. The phase of rapid sleep occurs imperceptibly and lasts a few seconds. However, in these seconds, a car moving at high speed manages to travel more than one hundred meters. And for some, these meters become the last in life. But is there a way to get rid of sleepiness?

Unfortunately, there are not so many ways to stay awake when the body demands sleep, and all of them, so to speak, are from the evil one. Yes, you can drink coffee. However, its effect is not long-lasting. And after the expiration date of the portion of caffeine, you want to sleep even more. So you drink one cup after another to keep the invigorating caffeine in your blood high, and you're harming your body in the process. Or drink energy drinks, whose “poison” much more coffee. If common sense prevails over you and you don't consider "invigorating drinks" as a means of fighting sleep, and you need to go, you can borrow a favorite way of staying awake at night from truck drivers. A bag of seeds, and for an hour or two the chewing reflexes will drive away sleep.

However, the method with seeds also has a downside. Working with your jaws and one hand, you are distracted from steering. And if a dangerous situation suddenly arises ahead, and you have seeds in your hands instead of a steering wheel and a cup for husks between your knees, then you are dealing with a pipe. First, you'll spend precious fractions of a second trying to grab the steering wheel with your other hand. At the same time, spread your knees to brake and drop the trash can directly into the area of ​​the pedal assembly. And then, as luck would have it. In general, a so-so way too.

In addition, even with working jaws, your body, under the influence of many years of sleeping at night, will fight against your desire to go. And even if you manage to chase away the dream, the state in the form of inhibited reactions, dulled vigilance and inability of the brain to react quickly to the rapid development of events on the road will still accompany you until you stop and fall asleep.

The best thing you can do for your body before a night race is sleep. And even if your health is perfect, and you think you can drive a thousand or even two thousand kilometers at once, don't lose your head – you shouldn't strain and drive for more than four and a half hours. Stop more often for warm-up and rest – for those 15-45 minutes that you will spend recuperating, the place where you are going will not be further from you.

And if you fall asleep no matter what, then you need stop and take a nap. Even 15-30 minutes of sleep can relieve fatigue and give the body new strength. Tested by experienced drivers, and repeatedly.


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