What types of sharks live in the Black Sea?


July 3, 2019, 22:33 | Animals

Will the sharks be able to disturb a carefree vacation on the sea coast?

What kinds of sharks live in the Black Sea?

Many people are concerned about the question of whether there are sharks in the Black Sea and what to expect from these predators. Let's find out whether sharks will be able to disrupt a carefree vacation on the sea coast, informs Ukr.Media.

What species of sharks live in the Black Sea?

Sharks cannot tolerate hydrogen sulfide. And the waters of the Black Sea are saturated with this element. Therefore, there are only two species of sharks here, which are calm about its excess.


What kinds of sharks live in the Black Sea?

This species belongs to small sharks. The fish rarely reach a meter in length. They move in flocks, and residents often notice them near the shore. They appear especially often at dusk. Catrans feed on small fish. So far, not a single case of an aggressive attack of these sharks on a person has been recorded.

What kinds of sharks live in the Black Sea?

But there are spikes on the skin and fins of tarantulas, which are easy to injure yourself. Therefore, you should not approach the flock.

Fishermen meet them more often. Catrans often get entangled in nets. The risk of meeting a shark in shallow water where vacationers swim is minimal. Unless some individual swims up to bask in the sun and lies down at the bottom. But such a fish is hardly healthy.

Katran can bite a person, especially if the fish sees a danger to its own life. Therefore, you cannot provoke a predator.

Cat shark

This is also a resident of the Black Sea. It is also small in size. The length of an adult rarely reaches a meter.

The catshark prefers to eat mollusks and other invertebrates. It never attacks a person, on the contrary, it will not swim in shallow water, and when it sees people, it will hide in the depths.

What kinds of sharks live in the Black Sea?

Diving in the water is organized for those who want to admire the sharks nearby. Such services are provided by companies and schools for diving lessons.

These two species are found along the entire coast of Crimea.

What types of sharks swim in the Black Sea ?

It is quite difficult for predatory sharks to get into the waters of the Black Sea. The straits connecting it with other seas and oceans are not spacious enough for this. But still such cases were noted.

White shark

What kinds of sharks live in the Black Sea?

White sharks can very rarely swim from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. At least, this is what fishermen say, who say that cubs of this species have fallen into their nets.

Researchers tend to agree with them: the sea has been getting warmer in recent years, and this contributes to the fact that sharks feel more comfortable in the Black Sea. Experts claim that these sharks can swim (not for long) to the coast of southern Crimea.

Experts' assumptions

Let's highlight more several species that can probably be found in the depths of the Black Sea:

  • long-winged;
  • tiger;
  • blue;
  • mako ;
  • sand.

All these species are dangerous for humans. But so far there have been no cases of shark attacks on humans near the shores of the Black Sea.

Interesting fact:in 2010, local fishermen caught a goblin shark. It is still unclear how this resident of the Pacific Ocean got here, and how long she was here. This is a predatory species that attacks humans. It is mainly found off the coast of Japan, the comfortable depth for it is 200 meters. Goblin sharks grow up to 4 meters in length.

Statistics of shark attacks on humans

There were cases when help was sought divers injured by sharks. But they themselves provoked the fish. One of the wounded said that he had pulled the katran by the tail, for which he had to pay.

There was also a case of a vacationer who stepped on the katran and injured his leg on the spikes. But this is more the exception than the practice.

Two species of sharks live permanently in the Black Sea. But they are not dangerous for humans and vacationers, in particular. And the risk of meeting a guest from the Mediterranean Sea is minimal. However, safety measures should not be neglected. However, there are many secrets and mysteries hidden in the depths of the sea.


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