What was the young Lev Leshchenko and his wife Irina, and if they have children

The famous actor Lev Leshchenko February 1, 2020 celebrates his 78th birthday. For many years he is married but has no child.

It causes regret, as he and his wife.

It is noted that Lev Leshchenko was born in 1942 in Moscow, from his youth aspired to work, but began to speak after working in the factory and the army. In his youth he was very attractive:

Какими были в молодости Лев Лещенко и его жена Ирина, и есть ли у них дети

Young Lev Leshchenko

For the first time the lion was married to singer albino Abdulovo, he got married in 24 years and the decade spent in this marriage.

Now Abdalova lonely and poor, for many years have not seen Leshchenko. According to her, she was pregnant with his child but had an abortion because he did not show the desire to have children. Once could be born twin boys.

The singer claims that he never knew about the abortion.

Какими были в молодости Лев Лещенко и его жена Ирина, и есть ли у них дети

Lev Leshchenko and his first wife Albina Abdulova

In Mature age, in 1976, Lev Leshchenko met Irina Baudino where soon married. They are still together after several decades of marriage, and preserved tender feelings to each other.

In this marriage both husband and wife wanted children, but Irina proved fruitless. She is now 66 years. According to her, before the lack of children was hard to accept, but then they reconciled.

Today technology would allow the couple to have a baby, but age no longer allows.

There are rumors that a woman has illegitimate children, sometimes to him allegedly calling his children, but he is difficult to comment on the matter. Officially he had no children and no.

See their photo together in his youth and now:

Earlier, Lev Leshchenko surprised fans with a photo of his wife in pajamas.

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