What we forget in the pursuit of career and money


July 20, 2022, 10:01 | Business

Money and career are an important part of life, and it is simply pointless to deny it.

What we forget in the pursuit of career and money

Money and career are an important part of life, and it is simply pointless to deny it

The problem is that many perceive these phenomena as something that is more important than the rest, and for which you can sacrifice anything, from conscience and morality to the fate of other people, informs Ukr.Media.

This is wrong, and in the pursuit of career and money, you should not forget about no less, and sometimes more important things.

Money is just a resource

You can survive without money, unless you have a country house with a garden.

But money is not a goal, but only a resource for the realization of these same goals. This is what most people forget.

They chase career growth and money not to make it easier to fulfill their desires, but for the sake of the position itself and a large number of zeros on the bank card.

As a result, reaching the desired result, people do not feel satisfied.

Career growth is only a subjective concept

There are many ways self-realization, including in building a career.

However, they try to convey to us that a career is the only thing that is really worth the effort, and everything else is just meaningless games.


This is where you need to develop in order to give yourself the joy of feeling that you have realized yourself in life, that you have spent many years studying and trying to climb higher.

However, career growth is a long way off. is not the only thing that can and should be developed.

You cannot replace bright children's dreams with "comfortable" adults

Remember when you were a child and dreamed of something lofty like flying into space or treating sick people.

These were really valuable dreams, which we mostly exchanged for insignificant positions behind the office doors and a couple of extra colored pieces of paper in our wallets.

Again, we are not saying that adult dreams are bad for by definition, they simply make you forget about something no less important, something that inspired you in your youth and that you forgot about, focusing on the material world.

Peace of mind worth more than all the money on the planet

This is really what unites the majority of people on Earth – the priority of career and money over psychological comfort.

People are ready to work 24/7 to grow from a manager to a senior. manager and get a couple of thousand plus on top of the salary.

And it doesn't matter that they push themselves so much that sometimes they even end up in a hospital bed in a psychiatric clinic, and the doctor makes a disappointing diagnosis related to mental disorder.

Remember that no amount of money is worth the amount of resources you spend trying to get a little higher in the social hierarchy.

It may happen that you have to spend much more than what you earn to fix a broken psyche.

Other people's comfort is no less important than our own

We are taught selfishness, that you need to go over your head to get what you want.

In the pursuit of a career, many succumb to this urge and, regardless of other people's fates, fight their way up, all for the sake of taking a higher position in society.

We should also not forget that with our attempts to climb higher and earn more, we can cause discomfort to people close to us, without thinking about the limits we drive them into.

The most valuable resources are time and health

We have already said above how important mental health is and that it cannot be returned after a long career marathon stairs.

But in this race we forget about other important resources – time and physical health. You are not getting any younger, and with every year you have less and less strength, as well as desires.

It may turn out that, after waking up from the endless race for money in your career, you will find that you are already quite have grown old, and life with its most interesting moments has passed by.

Yes, you now occupy a solid position, and your pockets are bursting with the number of bills, but why all this now, if you don't want anything anymore, and you're healthy? ;I don't allow?

You can't earn all the money in the world

This is probably one of the most important thoughts that escapes most people.

They, building a career so fiercely, as if they are trying to earn all the money in the world, are working for wear and tear.

But where is this edge, that limit, after crossing which, a person realizes that enough is enough and it is possible, relaxing, to continue working without tension to one's satisfaction? .

Even sitting in high offices and owning a multi-million dollar fortune, many people cannot get rid of the feeling that the level of self-realization and money they have now is not enough for them, and they continue to miss out on life.

The only thing that will remain with you at the end of life is family and friends

Many careerists, finding themselves on their deathbed, sincerely regret that they spent their lives on purely material values ​​or what was imposed from the outside.

They understand that the only thing that can be called truly valuable are family and friends.

It is they who will surround us when we are ready to go to another world, it is those people who will remember us with warmth.

As for career and money, you cannot take them with you, no matter what you didn't want to.

A very good example of this approach is shown in Charles Dickens' classic story-fairy tale “A Christmas Carol,'' where the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, being an influential and rich man, realizes in his old age that family and friends and changes for the better, finally becoming someone who enjoys life.


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