What will happen if the car sits for a long time without movement


December 8, 2021, 7:30 p.m. | Auto

We remind you about the nuances of long-term car storage.

What will happen if the car stands still for a long time

It is no secret that in the autumn and winter season, many motorists prefer to travel by public transport, leaving their car to rest in a garage or parking lot for several months, informs Ukr.Media.

Engineers and designers create units and mechanisms with the expectation that the car will drive. So the operating mode is its natural state, and the longer the machine is “sleeping'', the more carefully you need to “wake it up''. The health of the car primarily depends on the conditions that affect it at rest.

Moisture is considered the most unfavorable factor for materials and mechanisms. Despite all the efforts of world manufacturers, no one has yet managed to finally defeat metal corrosion. Therefore, if you do not disturb the car for several months, make sure that it is stored in a warm, dry garage, and not in an open parking lot or in the yard. This is relevant even if the car is “resting” from three to six months. But rubber seals and gaskets, which remain without contact with lubricant for such a long time, suffer the most from long-term downtime (more than a year), which is why they lose elasticity and can crack.

As you know, automotive lubricant consists of a base and additives that affect its properties. It should be taken into account that in a state of long-term rest, a delamination effect may occur in the structure of the lubricant, resulting in the formation of sediment of various fractions. With regular operation, this does not happen, because in the operating mode the liquid is constantly circulating and mixing. In order not to damage the engine, it is better to replace the old oil with a new one.

If you leave the car immobilized for more than a year, keep in mind that the fuel is also prone to the breakdown of additives and oxidation. The shelf life of gasoline and diesel fuel is 12 months on average, and diesel fuel has a shelf life of up to half a year at high temperatures. So, it is better to change the fuel after the car is idle.

In addition, even after half a year of rest of the car on the street, the brake fluid should be changed, due to the fact that it has the property of accumulating moisture, due to which its performance characteristics are lost. In six months, the brake pads and brake disc can be covered with a layer of rust. However, after several manipulations of the brake pedal while moving, their working surface will be cleaned.

Don't forget that the battery tends to discharge when it is at rest. When leaving the car to rest, take care of the electrical wiring, otherwise its exposed parts may oxidize. Big problems can be avoided if you take your car for short walks once every two months, which will have the best effect on its health. And also protect the car from rats, which can cause no less damage than corrosion…


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