What you can't lie about in an interview, and where you can embellish a little


May 21, 2022, 15:04 | Business

What is permissible to embellish when looking for a job, and in which aspects you still have to be frank.

What you can't lie about in an interview, and where you can embellish a little

The desire to get a high-paying job where you will be valued and given the opportunity to develop is characteristic of almost every person. And the first step to getting your dream job is an interview. I want to show myself in the best light. And not always the pure truth is an opportunity to impress an employee of the HR department, informs Ukr.Media.


< p>Each vacancy requires the candidate to have a certain list of skills. You certainly know your strengths, so there's nothing wrong with exaggerating a bit.

You can decorate the picture a little, if the skill is not of key importance, it will not affect the quality of your work. However, lying is categorically unacceptable if the skill is critically important for the performance of official duties.

Suppose the skill is knowledge of the English language. If you are hired as a sales manager in a company that only targets customers of your native language, but this skill is indicated in the application, you can put a plus. And it does not matter that the English textbook was not opened from school, it is unlikely that anyone will ever expose you. However, if the job is a translator, you can't lie about knowing English perfectly with a rather meager vocabulary. Even if you are sure that you are very trained and after hiring you will work day and night and reach a new level.

Past work

< p>You can slightly exaggerate the size of your salary, this will show you as a specialist who was valued and whose work you were ready to pay for. Even if the employer decides to check (which, according to statistics, rarely happens), you can always refer to the fact that part of the amount you received was “in an envelope''. It is also permissible to lie about why you decided to look for a new job. Even if the previous place had unbearable working conditions, cold, damp, constant rework without payment, it is better to keep silent about it. Recruitment specialists are not labor inspectorates, they will not show sympathy. However, your image as a candidate will be spoiled by the label “capricious”, “always dissatisfied with everything”. Therefore, it is better to say that you strive to fully realize your potential, expand the range of responsibilities, reach a new level. Then you will look like a person who is focused on the future, and not sighing sadly about the past.

However, you cannot lie about work in principle. Do not try to include in your resume information about the company in which you have never worked, somehow overestimate the position you hold, referring to the fact that it is not reflected in the employment book for some internal reasons. Hiring managers will check these moments. First, an electronic database is now available. And if earlier it was possible to somehow lie, now such a lie will be quickly exposed, it is enough to send a request to an employment specialist. Secondly, wanting to get comprehensive information about the candidate, he will definitely contact his colleagues from your previous place of work.

Past and Future

Even if you are hiring for a short time to move on to something more promising, you don't have to announce it at all. Come up with grandiose plans, improvise, paint the bright future of the organization in front of the employee, if you are hired. Who knows, maybe this position will really inspire you.

But it is better not to lie about what is in the past, especially when it comes to the reason for dismissal. All of us can make mistakes, violate labor discipline. And you shouldn't lie about it. This information is verified, especially when it comes to hiring for a highly paid position.

What recruiters lie about

Yes, they also knowingly lie during an interview or mislead.

The first is staff turnover. Look, if the announcement of hiring employees appears with enviable regularity, then this indicates that the staff is not particularly delayed.

The second is career growth. "Work for six months for a very modest salary, then we will raise you, you will be bathed in money.

It is clear that not every organization can immediately pay a lot to an employee without experience. But such promises, which go hand in hand with turnover, are a sign that the company is practicing such a scheme. Newcomers are forced to work for the minimum wage, then fired as if they did not pass the probationary period (and yes, the employer will find something to complain about), only to be rehired later. Thus, the company uses cheap labor.


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