What's new for home monitoring

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What's new for home surveillance

The brand of security products eufy Security, from Anker Innovations, has presented the eufy Edge Security System and together with it the eufyCam 3, a new generation of wireless outdoor cameras.

This system is led by the HomeBase 3 hub, based on the firm's self-learning artificial intelligence technology. With use, it is capable of achieving 99% accuracy in identifying different people through facial recognition, as well as 99% accuracy. such as animals and objects. Recorded video is then automatically cataloged and saved to local encrypted storage, with no additional cost or recurring fees. The data is accessible anytime and anywhere through the eufy Security app.

Precise surveillance

The system works with machine learning technology eufy's BionicMind AI to recognize familiar faces, human silhouettes, natural body positions and human behaviors, and separate them from motion that may be generated by pets or objects. It allows you to automatically capture and classify videos of family, friends or frequent visitors, assigning names and relationships and customizing notifications, it can also identify and alert if a stranger is found near the property.

When someone passes in front of a camera's angle of view, images of their face, body and movement are sent to HomeBase 3 wirelessly for analysis. The more information the hub receives, the higher its accuracy, which can reach up to 99%. It uses its computational technology to analyze the video on the device itself, without sending it to any server or the cloud, and issues an in-app notification as well as saving the video if necessary.

Flexible capacity

Includes 16GB of storage encrypted with 256-bit encryption, with no recurring payments. This space is expandable with a hard drive with up to 16TB of additional memory to save up to 60 years of videos in local format without the need to delete old recordings.

The Edge Security System will be It is compatible with the new eufyCam 3 and eufyCam 3C cameras arriving at the same time and, via a firmware update, older models of eufyCam or Video Doorbell will be able to link. As many cameras as necessary can be connected, allowing the user to expand the security system according to their needs.

New generation of cameras

It Configure it as the brand's most advanced security camera with Ultra HD 4K resolution video recording, color and infrared night vision, LED spotlight, two-way audio, and a built-in battery. Up to 1 year duration that is recharged with the integrated solar panel. The eufyCam 3C is a more compact version that does not include solar charging. Both include resistance to external temperatures and to water and dust with IP67 certification.


eufy Edge Security System can be purchased in a kit that includes HomeBase 3 and two cameras eufyCam 3 for €549. The kit with two eufyCam 3C cameras will cost €519.99.

An additional eufyCam 3 camera to add to the system can be purchased. get it for 199.99€.