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WhatsApp: how to recover a deleted message ?

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You regret seeing deleted messages in one or more WhatsApp conversations ? For a large number of versions now, the messaging application allows you to delete messages for everyone, no&# 8217;any deadline. Even entire conversations.

In certain cases such as professional use, these deletions can cause the loss of particularly important data, which is difficult to recover – by means other than the actual recovery of these messages. However, WhatsApp does not allow, by design, to recover deleted messages and conversations directly in the application.

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Messages deleted on WhatsApp: it's better to think carefully before sharing something…

However, there is a trick, which works on both iPhones and Android smartphones. Indeed, if you have activated backups (locally, or in the cloud) and luckily the last backup of WhatsApp conversations took place before the deletion of the messages and conversations concerned, you can de facto recover everything that comes from ;#8217;be deleted.

Useful in certain cases, this functionality however has the additional consequence of slightly reducing the impact of deletions for everyone. A point to always take into account – who should always urge WhatsApp users to be careful when sharing anything, whether it's a message or other sensitive content

In addition to your account, all those of the participants also potentially make these automatic backups – which can allow them with enough motivation to retrieve any message that you regret having transmitted… Let's qualify a little, however: because as you will see, the procedure is still a little restrictive.

How to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp (iPhone)

On iPhone, you should know that, by default, the application saves conversations on iCloud on a daily basis. Backups can be quite heavy. Which means that for backups to work normally you generally need to have previously taken out an iCloud subscription – since when your free quota is full, nothing is recorded there.

WhatsApp: how to recover a deleted message ?

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If this prerequisite is met, here are the steps to recover recently deleted messages and conversations on WhatsApp. First of all, check that the last update is before the actual deletion of the messages (recovering messages and content that are too old is generally impossible for this reason):

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone.
  • < li>In the bottom bar, go to:Settings.

  • In the screen that appears, tap Discussions > Backup.
  • The date of the last backup is displayed at the top.

!!! DO NOT touch “Save now” if you would like a chance to recover your conversations !!!

The rest is very simple, although&#8217 ;a little restrictive – note that you will, in the process, lose all messages after the backup:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp on your iPhone (by pressing and holding the icon, and selecting Uninstall).
  • Reinstall WhatsApp from the’App Store.
  • After verifying your phone number, a screen will ask you to restore everything from the latest available iCloud backup.

Recover files deleted messages on WhatsApp (Android)

On Android the procedure is a little similar, and is based on backups on Google Drive. Again, it's best to be a subscriber, as cloud backups will stop being automatic if space is full. However, even in this case, you can still try your luck, as you will see, via the backups that WhatsApp performs locally, concurrently.

Check that the date of the last backup Google Drive is older than the messages and conversations to be recovered (if this is not the case, skip the next part until #8217 ;to the part “Alternative – recover a local save” :

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your Android smartphone .
  • In the bottom bar, go to Settings.
  • On the screen that appears, tap Discussions > Backup.
  • The date of the last backup is displayed at the top.

!!! Again, DO NOT touch “Save now” if you want a chance to recover your conversations via Google Drive!!!

  • Uninstall WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Reinstall the app from Google Play Store.
  • Follow the instructions to recover the latest save Google Drive.

Alternative: get a local backup

If the backup is too recent, it is possible that a local backup will do the job better. However, some instructions, including paths, may differ on your device. In this case, we advise you to browse your storage space in search of a similar path, elsewhere in the smartphone's memory:

  • Open the File Manager and find the folder where WhatsApp stores its local backups (often /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases for smartphones with & #8217;a memory card).
  • You will see a series of files named according to this convention or something close to it msgstore-[YEAR]-[MONTH]-[DAY].1.db.crypt14.
  • Select a file marked with&# 8217;a date before the contents were deleted.
  • Rename this file to delete everything between “msgstore” and “.db.crypt14” (the result should be something like msgstore.db.crypt14 – a file with the same name may already exist – in which case, overwrite it with your file).

The rest is the same:

  • UninstallWhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Reinstall the app from Google Play Store.
  • Follow the instructions to recover your backup locally (don't opt ​​for Google Drive if this is proposed!).

That's all for this tutorial, we hope it was useful to you. Considering the variety of alternative methods and instructions arising from the multiplicity of brands, Android versions and overlays, if you discover any special methods other than those mentioned in this content, do not hesitate to share them in the comments to help other people in your situation.

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