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You only have 30 days left to save your conversations on a medium other than Google Drive.

WhatsApp regularly takes drastic decisions for its application. In addition to regularly updating the updated its functionalities, the instant messaging managed by Meta sometimes makes its users laugh due to its rather restrictive choices.

The company's latest statements regarding conversations stored in WhatsApp are one of those radical decisions that provoke reactions. Historically, the application made it possible to store your various discussions on the online servers of the Google Drive solution. This software, very practical, allows registered users to store and exchange files and folders that they wish to keep online.

Only that's it, WhatsApp starts à alert its users that conversations saved this way could soon be lost. WhatsApp now sends messages to several of its users a notification explaining to them that they only have 30 days to migrate their conversations located on Google Drive space if they do not want to not see them disappear.

WhatsApp warns its users, their conversations will soon be deleted. Here's how to save them

This decision is explained by the fact that Google Drive will now only allow 15 GB of storage space offered to store WhatsApp discussions . If you are not used to or do not want to save your conversations, you will not be affected. Likewise, if the backup of your WhatsApp conversations does not exceed 15 GB, they will not disappear.

For others, the 15 GB offered may not be enough. Several conversations filled with large files such as HD videos or large documents can quickly fill up the proposed space by Google Drive. You will therefore have to store your conversations on another platform.

The simplest solution is to keep your WhatsApp conversations on an external hard drive. To do this, go to one of your discussions and select the three little dots at the top. RIGHT. By selecting the "more" option, you will find the "export discussion" which allows you to download your data in order to store it on the medium of your choice.

The other option is more expensive, but also easier. Simply increase the data volume limit on your Google Drive. If WhatsApp's new offer will give you up to 15 GB to store your conversations, it is always possible to increase this offer up to '' 100GB, 200GB or even 2TB depending on your needs.

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