“Wheel”. Lunar calendar for November 7, 2022

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  • «Wheel». Lunar November 7, 2022 calendar

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  • «Wheel». Lunar November 7, 2022 calendar

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past and very yesterday, the correction of their fate. It is important not to miss this time, to take the best out of it.

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Thirteenth lunar day. The symbol of the day is the Wheel (the sun and universal order), and the Snake swallowing the tail (perpetual motion, unity and infinity). This is a time of learning, accumulation of information and rejuvenation of the body. A great period for analyzing mistakes – distant past and just yesterday, correcting one's fate. It is important not to miss this time, to take the best out of it.

The day is unfavorable for any undertakings, it is better to complete all old affairs, say goodbye to work that has long become a burden. New acquaintances will also not bring anything useful into your life. Moreover, they can complicate already problematic areas.

The thirteenth day is a day of eating, as is the fifth day. Treat yourself and your family to delicious dishes, go to a restaurant or visit your favorite coffee shop. The day is favorable for all cosmetic procedures, general rejuvenation of the body. Visits to the sauna, massage rooms, spa salons will be useful. Haircut will bring pleasure, give a good appearance. Sex on this day is good for the health of both men and women.

The moon in the sign of Aries

Emotional stress increases three times, aggressive moods grow in society, irascibility and impulsiveness overwhelm people. It is in the days of Aries that many people show fearlessness and readiness for drastic actions and extreme situations. Even the sweetest person in the days of Aries can suddenly become harsh and rude. At this time, it is easiest for us to cut a problem that has long tormented us in one fell swoop or throw off a hated burden, get rid of a boring burden that prevents us from living easily and freely. But, given the increased emotional intensity of these days, you need to try to strengthen self-control and reveal endurance, as well as minimize the likelihood of stress.

In the days of Aries, you need to free yourself from important things, physical activity. You are unlikely to succeed. It is best to devote this period to a relaxing holiday.