When and why you need to lubricate the trapezoid of the windshield wipers


May 8, 2022, 16:37 | Auto

When and why to do it.

When and why you need to lubricate the wiper trapezoid

To keep the glass of your car clean and transparent, it is not enough to regularly change the windshield wipers and clean the windshield. It is also necessary to service the windshield wiper drive, which is called a trapezoid. We tell you how, when and why to do it, informs Ukr.Media.

The windshield wiper trapezium is a system of rods and levers, as well as a motor, which provide reciprocating movements of the brushes on the windshield or the glass of the luggage door. On relatively new cars, this mechanism actually does not require maintenance. However, if we are talking about an old car, the wiper blade service becomes an urgent necessity.

The fact is that over time, the factory lubricant is produced in the axes of the trapezoid, plastic and steel parts begin to wear out and “play”. Also, the trapezoid can fail as a result of mechanical damage, for example, if in winter you regularly used windshield wipers instead of brushes, being too lazy to shake off a mass of snow from the glass before the trip.

You can always suspect a problem by weakening the pressure in the system — the wipers begin to fail to cope with the flow of water or heavy snow. Another signal is noise during operation of the mechanism. It is also difficult to reverse the windshield wiper – the brush or both brushes begin to move on the glass with visible difficulty. And in the worst cases, the brushes can even jam at the wrong moment. It is clear that because of this, at least the deterioration of the view is not excluded, and at the most – an emergency situation.

To solve the problem, most often a new part is installed. However, on a number of models, you can limit yourself to purchasing a repair kit for the trapezoid and replacing its individual elements. If the trapezoid is not needed in the replacement, it should still be revised in case of faults in the operation of the cleaning mechanism. For this, the trapezium will have to be dismantled and its working elements lubricated. An important point — before processing, it will also be necessary to clean the mechanism from old grease. In the service, as well as in the garage, white spirit is most often used for this.

After cleaning, new lubricant is applied. The place where the leashes are attached to the axis of the trapezoid is treated with graphite grease. Some owners also use ShRB-4 grease, known since Soviet times, which has good water resistance. Various synthetic lubricants are also suitable (Huskey HTL-500, Total Altis SH2, Ravenol Arctic Green Grease AGG2 and others). However, it is not recommended to use the popular lithol, as it loses its properties at low temperatures.

We would like to add that the characteristic squeaking noise during wiper operation may not be caused by the trapezoid, but by the brushes themselves – for example, in winter they could banal wear down Another reason is the dirt accumulated on the rubber elements. This problem can be solved by cleaning the rubber wiper blades with a microfiber towel. For a better effect, you can use a soapy solution. After this procedure, it makes sense to process the "janitors" silicone grease, after which the elasticity of the rubber "blades" will improve, and they will adhere more closely to the glass and better clean it of water and dirt. And, of course, an even more radical option would be to replace the brushes with new ones.


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