When ants are ruining fruit high in a tree, follow this simple step. The effect will surprise you


Nobody likes to grab a plump cherry to find out that dozens of ants prowl its pulp.

 When ants ruin fruit high in a tree, use this simple element. The effect will surprise you

The period when the fruits on the trees ripen is the time when, apart from us, also other creatures want our cherries, cherries or plums. While we are able to scare birds away and see temporary effects, we do not look at trees all the time to monitor ants' activity.

An infestation of fruit trees is a real pain

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They are voracious and will stop at nothing, so it is worth having a colorless double-sided tape. It will not be effective forever, but it will help to drastically reduce their activity.

The fresh fruit grown in your backyard is a summer feast, and the trees provide a pleasant shade from the heat. Insect pests on fruit trees and ants are common.

However, the ants crawling all over the fruit are a bit disturbing and can make the fruit less palatable. Most ant infestations are indicative of other tree problems, but they are also magnetized by the ripening of the fruit.

In addition to chemicals that affect the plants, ourselves, and the soil, we can use a mechanical barrier against frosts in the form of a tape that sticks to both sides.

 When the ants ruin the fruit high in the tree, use this simple element. The effect will surprise you

Just exactly and seal the tree tightly at a height of about 20-30 cm, and the stingers that move higher the ants will be retained on the tape, on which they will be stuck to its surface. Certainly, it will not be permanent protection, as such a tape is quickly damaged and needs to be replaced, but we do not need to use spraying.


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