When pelargonium withers due to over-watering. How to save a geranium


An inexperienced pelargonium grower can over-water the plant, which is very damaging to it.

When a geranium withers due to over-watering. How to save a geranium

If your geranium shows signs of deterioration in overall health, the environmental element is the most likely cause of stress.

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The first step to saving a dying geranium is to properly diagnose the problem. Thanks to this, rehabilitation will be smoother and more effective. The most common determinants of geranium death are moisture, excess watering, too much fertilizer, disease, pests, too little fertilizer, low temperatures, and not enough light.

Excessive watering

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The most severe effects of over-watering are rot stems and roots. If a geranium gets too much water, the stem will take up and hold more water than it should, and you may not even know the negative effects of over-watering.

The rot starts in the roots of the plant as it sinks in a wetland soil. It will gradually climb up towards the stem as long as the rest of the plant is not attacked. When you know in time that the plant has been damaged by excess water, take it out of the pot, clean the roots and evaluate how much rot they are.

Remove them, spray the rest of the plant with fungus and treat the roots with ; l dry on a paper towel. Give them a few hours and then place them in a fresh pot with fresh substrate. There is a good chance you will save your plant.


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