When Santa Claus “kills Bill”. Is it worth watching the evil comedy “Cruel Night” (video)

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 When Santa Claus 'kills Bill' Is it worth watching the evil comedy

What happens when the good spirit of Christmas picks up a hammer?


From December 1 Ukrainian cinemas will start showing the comedy Christmas thriller “Cruel Night”. The Focus journalist visited the pre-premiere screening and will talk about his impressions of the non-childish film with a festive poster.

The plot of an ironic, sometimes very cruel action movie with elements of black humor and references to “Die Hard”, “Kill Bill” and even, God forgive me, the comedy “Home Alone”, is very simple and offensively unpretentious. One of the richest families in the United States gathers at a country estate for Christmas celebrations, where mercenaries disguised as catering staff infiltrate with the aim of a large-scale robbery.

On the other hand, the viewer is introduced to a disappointed Santa Claus, tired of greedy and ungrateful children, who is ready to quit the career of the good spirit of Christmas. Santa has serious problems with alcohol and digestion, he swears a lot, swears with his deer and is not pleased with himself.

It is easy to assume that it is Santa Claus who will become the protector of the family and open the hunt for terrorists. By the way, the scriptwriters added an unusual detail to the biography of the good grandfather. It turns out that many centuries ago, Santa was a military mercenary with a hard-to-remember name, and actively wielded a hammer.

Obviously, the filmmakers were betting on kitsch, but missed a bit. After all, it is known that the more complex the genre, the more difficult it is to comply with its canons, and even more difficult not to overdo it with a set of basic criteria. In the case of “Cruel Night”, the scriptwriters managed to “push through” the kitsch line, but failed to mix it with other balanced genre trends. As a result, the viewer was offered a simple cocktail of cruel, detailed “painted” bloody scenes, comedy clichés, category “B” actors and a set of clichés about kindness and the “Christmas miracle”, after which there remains an incomprehensible, hardly distinguishable “aftertaste” and a question on the topic ” what was it all about?”.

However, this year there are not so many films released for the New Year holidays, so “Cruel Night” will not go unnoticed. But if you hesitate between going to a session and a walk in the fresh air or a glass of wine in a good place, choose a glass of wine.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian audience missed the wide screens, the smell of popcorn, the queues for the wardrobe and other ritual things that go along with going to the cinema, so even such a strange New Year's comedy can seem like a good reason to go out.

So is it worth watching the Christmas black comedy “Cruel Night”?

Yes, if:

  • You have not been to the cinema for a long time
  • If you are comfortable with the magic of Christmas, because the film can blur the quivering impression from Christmas trees and garlands.

Not if:

  • On the other side of the scale is a glass of good wine in warm company.
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