When the Golec uOrkiestra band appeared on the stage. What happened next surpassed all expectations


Golec uOrkiestra is one of the stars taking part in the summer tour organized by TVP.

 When the Golec uOrkiestra band appeared on the stage. What happened later exceeded all expectations

As the portal” Lelum reminds us ” “Dw & oacute; jki's holiday tour came to Augustów, where crowds gathered in front of the stage. Among the stars that performed during the concert were the Golc brothers and their band. As they took the stage, the crowd went wild, no one expected such enthusiasm from the audience.

The Summer Tour continues

The concert as part of the Holiday Dw & oacute; tour took place this time in Augustów, although what was happening on the stage could also be watched by viewers gathered in front of TV sets. There was no shortage of fire on stage, both metaphorical and real. When Golec uOrkiestra appeared on the stage, the audience just went crazy.

They started their performance with the fan-loved song “Crazy it's my life”. Of course, during their performance, another well-known number could not be missing – “San Francisco”. Apart from the brothers, there was also Edyta Golec, the wife of one of the twins. The singer delighted not only with her voice, but also with the pearl-black jacket chosen for the occasion, in which she simply shone.

It's been almost a quarter century on stage

It is hard to believe that the activity of the Golec uOrkiestra band dates back a quarter of a century. The team was established in 1998. Originally, the band performed under the name Golec Folk Band. The music of the bands is clearly inspired by the music from the area where its members grew up – we are talking about Beskid Żywiecki.

In 1999 the group's debut album was released, which they decided to simply call “Golec uOrkiestra 1”. The album brought the band of Paweł and Łukasz Golc to Fryderyk in the category of debuts, starting their career which continues to this day.

 When the Golec uOrkiestra band appeared What happened later exceeded all expectations

Have you watched Golec uOrkiestra's performance on the Summer Tour? jki? How did you like it?


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