When TikTok becomes a recruitment tool

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When TikTok becomes a tool recruitment

TikTok is increasingly used to recruit people workforce.

Dance videos, new trends: the social network Tiktok is highly appreciated for its entertaining side, but more and more companies are ;are used to attract staff in a fun way.

The employees of Serres Saint-Élie, in Sherbrooke, have several videos on the social network. The company mainly uses this medium to give maintenance advice, to announce new releases or simply to make subscribers smile. But it also recruits through this platform.

By showing their “frosty” side in this way, the company's general manager, Mélanie Grégoire, believes that it encourages people to come and bring their resume to be part of “this madness, this energy”. .

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Even the CIUSSS de l'Estrie – CHUS has created an account on the social network. A way, according to spokesperson Annie-Andrée Émond, to reach all age groups.

This is an initiative that comes partly from the communications team, and partly from our employees who used the platform, or their children, and who asked us to use it, explains- she. We try to diversify our means of communication.

“TikTok is taking up more and more space. We thought it was another effective way to allow us to reach even more people than we necessarily reach through our other means of communication. »

— Annie-Andrée Émond, spokesperson for the CIUSSS de l'Estrie – CHUS

Through its capsules, the CIUSSS has two objectives: to transmit information and to promote recruitment. It is used mainly by young people. We want to interest them in the health professions. If they are not with us next year or two years from now, hopefully they will choose a healthy profession! explains the spokesperson. And there are also adults, and by seeing our capsules, they can demystify our work environments.

Which doesn't stop him, on occasion, from creating a video just to make people smile.

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Content creator and founder of Tran agency, Anthony Tran, smacks of a great deal. Noting that there was not much support for companies wishing to use this platform, he decided to specialize in this approach. He has helped around 50 companies take their first steps on TikTok.

Companies don't have guidelines, don't know how to go on the platform, how to collaborate or make content, he points out. But it's one of the best ways to reach a great general public in Quebec, including many young people.

The young entrepreneur relies on his experience of recent years, his consistency and his creativity to educate his clients.

“When a business is on TikTok, to me it's like a business going in the newspapers, on TV to recruit staff. It's just another way, a new way to target a new audience. »

— Anthony Tran, content creator

Anthony Tran supports companies in their steps.

Emplois Compétences, a site offering recruitment services, quickly understood this. Initially on the platform to raise awareness, the firm has found that this has boosted interest in its services.

We do not use the platform to recruit, but to make ourselves known. […] But we have noticed an increase in “spontaneous” applications, from people who go to our website to send us CVs, explains the director of operations, Marie-Catherine Perreault.

It's not uncommon for me to hear that one of the first reasons for coming to meet us is because they saw our videos on TikTok, adds Jysabel Fortier-Roy, Talent Acquisition Advisor.

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It is difficult to quantify the concrete impact on recruitment, but in the end, it is the visibility that the tool offers that is interesting, she adds.

The spokesperson for the CIUSSS intends, for her part, to continue in this direction, especially since she notes that requests for information extras are very high. TikTok alone doesn't make sense. But TikTok includes in other platforms, there, yes, concludes Annie-Andrée Émond.

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