When will the SAT return the balance in favor?


After complying with your tax obligations, the SAT can immediately return your credit balance.

When will the SAT return the balance in favor?

When will the SAT return the balance in favor?Credits: IG:@trc_groupmx Written in ACTUALIDAD on 4/12/2022 · 12:15 pm Share this article

The month of April is the date on which many individuals must submit their 2021 annual return to the Tax Administration Service (SAT ).  In addition, far from being a responsibility that implies paying taxes in many cases, citizens can also receive a credit balancedue to the deductions they have made, so here we will show you when you will be able to obtain your credit balance.

To understand why the SAT would return money to your >annual return 2021, it is important that you know that this happens when you are calculating your taxes and it turns out that you paid more than you owed, in that case, they will refund you the difference and this is how you can benefit.

Furthermore, another positive thing about all this is that it is getting faster than the SATdeposit your balance in favor, since, in recent years, the waiting time has been reduced by about 5 days, so below, we will tell you how long you will have to wait to be able to see these earnings reflected.

When will the SAT return the balance in favor?

These are the days you will have to wait to see your credit balance reflected

Within the legislation of the SAT itself, it states that the government agency will have up to 40 days to be able to verify all your taxes paid and thus make the return of your credit balance, so the maximum waiting time turns out to be quite favorable for all individuals.

When will you return ; the SAT the balance in favor?

As if that were not enough, it has been revealed that it is very rare for the SAT to take exactly the estimated time to return your balance in favor, since, during 2021, the average return was 17.9 days, a fairly good time compared to previous years, so you won't have to wait too long to see your money back.


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