When working full-time isn't enough to pay for groceries

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When working full time is no longer enough to pay for groceries

A single mother can no longer make ends meet.

The face of financial precariousness has changed in recent months. More and more families, even those whose parents work full time, are forced to turn to food banks to make ends meet.

It is the case of a single mother from Lévis who did not imagine having to use this service. She confided in Radio-Canada on condition of anonymity to protect her children.

Since her separation from her spouse in 2021, Martine (fictitious name), mother of two children, can no longer manage financially. We put away our pride and then we go to organizations and they are there for us, she says.

Martine goes to the Food Counter Le attic every week in Lévis to fill a basket and support his family.

I have a job, I have a decent salary even above the threshold but unfortunately alone being a single parent at the moment with two children, with rent with all the charges, we don' x27;the more you can do it, she says exhausted by the situation.

“The trigger is x27;is when you're thinking between paying a bill or paying for groceries. When you choose between milk, butter or eggs.

—Martine, mother of two

Helping 800 families per month

Le Grenier de Lévis food counter helps more than 800 households per month. The management of the place finds that the number of families with full-time jobs using its services has almost doubled in one year.

“These are couples even working at an average wage, with the increase, the price of foodstuffs, everything that followed caused these people in their budget to get screwed up. . »

— Stéphane Clavet, General Manager, Comptoir Le Grenier

A feeling of guilt often gnaws at those who come seeking help. Martin's case. I hesitated for two weeks, telling myself that it was reserved for people in a more critical situation than me.

Stéphane Clavet, General Manager, Comptoir Le Grenier.

It's not always easy for them to admit that they need food aid and also to walk through the door here to meet someone to get assessed and on at the assessment, this is where we will determine if the person is eligible for food aid, says Mr. Clavet.

En 2022, the Food Banks of Quebec network was helping 671,000 people per month. Record traffic compared to previous years.

With information from Louis-Philippe Arsenault.