Where icons can and cannot be placed in the house


February 10, 2019, 13:23 | Culture

The only places where icons cannot be placed are the toilet and the bathroom.

Where you can and can't you can place icons in the house

Many traditions of Christianity have already been erased from memory, lost in the ages. Older people still remember the old traditions, but the younger generation is losing it and is afraid to make a mistake, turning to faith, informs Ukr.Media.

Temple altars are placed in the eastern part of the church. Canonically, the home iconostasis was also placed in the eastern part of the house, near the window. However, a house should not be confused with a church. The house is a continuation of the temple, but first of all it is a family hearth, therefore the “red corner” can be placed in any part of the room. The only condition is before the "goddess" there should be enough free space for all family members to gather for prayer.

Where icons cannot be placed

< p>There are no hard and fast rules where icons can and cannot be placed. You can place them in any room of the house: in the living room, nursery and even in the kitchen. It is not forbidden to keep icons in the bedroom. If the couple is officially registered, there will be no sin in this.

The only places where icons cannot be placed are the toilet and the bathroom

If the family gathers at the common table in the kitchen, it is worth hanging the icon of the Savior there, as a prayer of thanks is addressed to him for daily bread An icon of the Protection of the Holy Mother of God is usually hung above the entrance to the house.

You should not place icons near household appliances either, because prayer requires concentration, and these objects, even when turned off, can habitually attract your attention. and, therefore, to distract you.

You should not place icons where you store cosmetics, books of secular content, toys and figurines. They should not be neighbors with posters depicting singers, artists, athletes and other famous people.

It should not be next to icons and reproductions of paintings, even if they are of religious content, as well as photos of your loved ones, so and righteous elders.

How to design the iconostasis properly

It is best to allocate a separate place for icons in the apartment and place them on a shelf or high table. If possible, it is ideal to place the icons in the eastern corner of the apartment or house. However, if there is no such possibility, there is nothing wrong with it.

The shelf with icons should be at eye level or slightly higher. A lamp is placed or hung in front of the icons.

The two central icons of the Savior and the Mother of God should be located above other icons. Although this does not apply to the icons of the Holy Trinity and the Last Supper. If you stand facing the red corner, then the icon of the Savior should be on the right side, and the Mother of God – on the left.

Below them or on the sides, you can place icons of saints close to you. Then you can put the named icons of saints who are considered patrons of your family members.

The iconostasis and icons can be decorated with embroidered towels or fresh flowers.

You should treat icons with care. If the colors have faded and darkened, then they can be stored for a while in the shrine behind other icons, and later given to the church.


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