“Where, if you want to live, know how to be silent.” Andrei Makarevich sang about Russia (video)

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  •  Andrey Makarevich sang about Russia (video)


  • «Where if you want to live, know how to be silent. Andrey Makarevich sang about Russia (video)

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  •  Andrey Makarevich sang about Russia (video)

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Despite the fact that the musician did not name the country itself, everyone understood what it was about from the description.

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68-year-old Soviet and Russian singer Andrei Makarevich sang a caustic song about modern Russia. The musician published the corresponding video on the Facebook page.

The permanent leader of the rock band “Time Machine” shared a black-and-white video in which he plays the guitar and describes the reality of the country, the name of which is not directly pronounced, but netizens immediately drew their conclusions.

“I will tell you about a country where the light is captive at the crown of the head, where there is a seal on the lips, where, if you want to live, know how to be silent,” began Makarevich.

< p>Subsequently, the singer recalled how they can “pack” in the Russian Federation for “just a phrase”.

“I'll tell you about a country that foolishly got into a war, where they drive shnyag about attack, they say the world threatens to attack us “, — continued the musician.

Andrey Makarevich remembered and Patriarch Kirill, openly blessing the Russian soldiers for the war in Ukraine.

“Satan was let into the temple, the mother drives the death of her son, and the priest tells you to kill,” the Time Machine frontman sings.

Subsequently, in a caustic song, the Russian singer states that today in the Russian Federation even ardent pacifists glorify the letter Z without shame, including hippies who are “for the war.”

The very publication on the social network Makarevich also signed with irony: “From a physical foreign agent” and invited to visit this country if the listeners do not believe that such a country exists on the world map.

Andrey Makarevich openly condemns the full-scale war started by Russia on the territory of Ukraine. The singer repeatedly spoke out sharply on social networks, for which he was referred to as foreign agents of the Russian Federation.