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Where to find the cheapest gas near me ?

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Finding the cheapest gas station near you can quickly feel like a chore, as prices fluctuate from one day to the next depending on the location. Not to mention that it sometimes happens that certain stations offer gasoline operations at cost price, which therefore allow customers to benefit from better prices on fuel. Fortunately, there are various simple and practical solutions for finding places with the best prices near where you live.

This may be an application or a dedicated site, whether private or government. Either way, these simple solutions will allow you to access cheaper gasoline to make big savings on fuel throughout the year. Besides, since it's about saving money, all the sites and applications discussed here are accessible and usable completely free.

Where to find the cheapest gas near me ?

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Which dedicated sites allow you to find the cheapest gasoline nearby ?


Using a classic web browser, there are many sites offering a real-time view of the prices offered at nearby service stations. The most obvious is obviously prix-carburants.gouv.fr, since it is the government solution. Its use is rudimentary: by clicking on the site, you arrive directly on a map of France. You can zoom in on it to find your city and locate the cheapest station near you.

Prix-carburants.gouv also offers a whole bunch of filters allowing choose the fuel that interests you, the type of brand you are looking for or even the services offered in the station (laundry, vehicle rental, parcel relay, etc.). To locate yourself, you can enter a department or a city and see the most advantageous prices in the area.

Where to find the cheapest gas near me ?

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This dedicated site is particularly practical, since its home page provides a whole lot of interesting information. We thus discover the average price of each fuel during the day(which allows you to detect whether the price near you is above or below the national average). The home page also lists the cheapest stations nationally over the day, by fuel. Suffice to say that if a station near you is present on the home page, now is the time to go!

Finally, this home page also reveals the evolution of fuel prices in France. We discover, for example, whether the price of diesel, E85 or even SP95 is up or down compared to the day before. Furthermore, at the top of the home page, you can enter the name of a city to discover the stations closest to you with the prices charged, just to choose the cheapest.

Where to find the cheapest gas near me ?

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Which applications should I use to find the cheapest gasoline near me ?< /h2>

There are a wide variety of apps to find the cheapest gas nearby. They generally follow a principle similar to the sites discussed above. You locate yourself on a map, then the application takes care of giving you a clear view of the price of gasoline at nearby stations. Let's look at two examples.

Essence & Co

Essence & Co allows you to save money by comparing prices at all stations in a region, depending on the filtering chosen by the user (by type of gasoline in particular). Note that it is possible to find nearby stations on a route, if you are planning a long journey in particular. It is necessary to activate geolocation to benefit from all this data, and to be entitled to personalized use.

Essence & Co works on the principle of community assistance: in other words, users themselves enter the chosen data in the application to inform others. It is by relying on this method that Essence & Co manages to constantly update itself. Essence & Co is available on Android and iOS.

Where to find the cheapest gas near me ?

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In addition, the application offers a very nice little function for fans of statistics and figures of all kinds. When you enter the money spent on a tank of gas at a lower cost on Essence & Co, the application retains the information and adds it to other fill-ups made earlier to give you an idea of ​​the savings made over a given period.

Gasoil Now

With Gasoline & Co, Gasoil Now is considered the other essential application for finding the best prices on gasoline. It stands out from its main competition thanks to complete personalization of its services. You can thus search for a station according to its proximity and its prices, in a fairly classic way.

But Gasoil Now also offers to calculate the savings made by entering both the fuel used and the storage capacity of your tank. You can also associate the application with Google Maps to determine a suitable route to take advantage of a cheaper service station for the fuel that interests you.

Where to find the cheapest gas near me ?

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Qu 'is gasoline at cost ?

As part of a quest for cheaper gasoline, fuel at cost can be likened to the Holy Grail. As a reminder, the cost price of gasoline is the price purchased by the distributor. In other words, it is a sales price on which the distributor makes no margin. In this case, the customer therefore buys gasoline at the same price as the distributor, who does not win, but does not lose money either.

Many stations carry out petrol operations at cost price sporadically (on weekends or during school holidays for example). However, it is not always easy to know when to take advantage of gasoline at cost price. This is why the use of the applications and sites mentioned above is particularly important.

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