Where to put a money tree at home to improve your financial situation


May 18, 2022, 22:06 | Business

Where should a fat woman stand.

Where to put a money tree at home to improve the material situation< /p>

The money tree is appreciated by many housewives as a plant that can significantly improve the financial situation of households, informs Ukr.Media.

However, you should know that buying a fat plant is a very responsible decision: with improper care, the flower will start to get sick, which can affect your well-being.

Do not leave the fat plant in shadows: because of this, the plant can get very sick or die completely. This will cause financial difficulties.

The optimal solution will be a windowsill in the southern part of the house.

In the warm season year money tree can be kept outdoors.
Transplant the flower correctly. For example, many people hide a coin in the soil during planting. This helps to strengthen the positive energy of the flower itself.

You can also decorate the fat woman with red ribbons. This simple secret will help the flower to become a real talisman.

Do not forget that you should quickly react to any negative changes and take care of the plant so that luck does not take you away. turned away.


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