Where to store cash in the house so that the flow of money does not run out


June 23, 2022, 12:04 | Business

All subtleties and rules.

Where to store cash in the house so that the flow of money does not run out

When dreaming of wealth and prosperity, remember and follow certain money rituals that were used by our ancestors. If you keep money in the house incorrectly, you can forever forget about success in the field of finance, informs Ukr.Media.

In every house there are places that attract poverty and the poor. It is very dangerous to store money in them. A storage for money should not only be safe, but also energetically strong.

Keep money away from all appliances that produce fire. Flames of fire have a destructive effect on banknotes. Money should be kept away from the front door so that it does not leave the house.

The corridor and hallway are also not suitable for this. And it is not so important whether the bills lie in the bedside table by the door or somewhere on the shelf next to the keys. A lot of negative energy accumulates in the hallway, and such energy should not intersect with the flow of finances.

It is also not recommended to store large amounts of money in the bedroom. In this place, finances conditionally fall into hibernation, sleep, which means that they will not accumulate. It is not recommended to store money and other valuables in bathrooms and toilets so that they do not "leak" from home.

It's also not worth making stockpiles in books and photo albums. Keeping money near them is contraindicated. And all because the energy in these subjects is not the most positive. For example, if you put bills in some dramatic novel, financial problems will begin very soon.

Hiding your savings under your mattress or pillow is a bad idea. Money under the mattress seems to “fall asleep”, which negatively affects a person's financial situation. Most likely, money will also rest and sleep, like the owners. It will be extremely difficult for them to move and work in such an atmosphere. And that's why you should look for another place.

Please note that accumulations stored near the sleeping place can transmit negative vibrations to a person, which negatively affects his emotional and physical well-being. For the same reason, there is no need to hide savings in a drawer with bed linen and in a wardrobe.

Unlucky places to store money are energy devices. You should not place money near televisions, phones and tablets.

Money does not like bright places. Keep them in your wallet in dark corners of the house. And do not collect them with rubber bands, because money is squeezed, and all kinds of financial channels are also collected.

Experts assure that such attitude towards money will only turn them against the owner, will make them run away sooner. And the receipt of other funds will be questionable. Remember: money must breathe!

"Where to store money? — in the kitchen!". This is the best place for it. This room has a surprisingly positive aura. By the way, you can strengthen the place where money is stored with all kinds of money symbols and talismans.

However, remember that everything should be in moderation! An excessive amount of decor can, on the contrary, attract poverty into life. Therefore, before transferring money to the kitchen, you need to think several times and analyze this space for the number of electrical appliances and decor nearby.


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