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Which artist at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games ? What the French think

Who the French would like to see sing à the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games? Here is our exclusive survey, carried out with YouGov.

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games promises to be memorable, if the result is anything to go by. the height of the ambitions of Thomas Jolly, conductor of the event. The parade will take place on the Seine in the heart of Paris, next Friday July 26. A first in the history of the Games. For this ceremony to be totally unforgettable, the poster must be just as unforgettable. So which star will put on the show and delight the hundreds thousands of spectators who will travel and the billion viewers expected around the world ?

Before the designation of one or more artists to sing at The opening ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games, rumors are rife, fueled by the press and various commentators on social networks. In an article published on February 29, L'Express indicates that Emmanuel Macron himself would have stopped' his choice on Aya Nakamura, à who he would have asked to cover another iconic singer: Edith Piaf. Which wouldn't be surprising given the popularity of the game. of the interpreter of Djadja in France and & internationally.

But what do the French think of it?? With the YouGov polling institute, Internet users were able to ask for their opinion. a representative panel of the French population of a thousand people, just a few months before the opening ceremony*. The question was: "Among a list of names of French artists, which one(s) would you like to see participate in the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games? ;?" Here are the lessons from our exclusive survey.

Aya Nakamura owes it, Florent Pagny surprises

If Emmanuel Macron seems to have expressed the wish to see Aya Nakamura sing during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, for the French questioned ;eacute;s, the choice seems quite different. At the top of this ranking, çit's not a surprise, we find the DJ fran&ccedil ;but the best known in the world: David Guetta, who gleans 19% of the votes. And behind him, much more astonishing: the singer Florent Pagny has risen to the top. &agrav; a comfortable second place among the list of artists proposed to perform the show, with 17% of the votes.

The mythical – and separated – duo Daft Punk completes the podium with 15% of the votes, forgetting in passing that after rumors and appeals launched by Thomas Jolly one morning on France Inter, the headset DJs had, it seems, a declineé the invitation. And the French are far from having the same preferences as the President of the Republic. : Aya Nakamura only arrives eleventh place in our ranking, with 6% of the votes.

From the following list of French musical artists, which one(s) would you like to see participate in the opening ceremony of the Games Paris Olympics 2024 ? Please select up to '  3 answers.

Young people prefer DJ Snake & David Guetta

The other big lesson from our exclusive survey concerns the segment of 18-24 year olds, questioned during this survey. Unlike &agrav; their elders and friends the majority of those questioned, the youngest would prefer to see DJ Snake performing the show instead of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games with 31% of the votes, ahead of David Guetta, in second position this time with 24% of the votes. On the third on the podium, we find the French rapper who sold out two concerts at the Stade de France in a few hours: Ninho, with 23% positive responses.< /p>

The most popular French singer in the world – again – Aya Nakamura, b' happens that'à fourth place in this ranking with still 22% of the votes of those surveyed. And if Mylè Farmer can be pleased to be acclaimed by 17% of those over 55, only 1% of 18-24 year olds named her as the artist they would like to see in their studio. the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

From the following list of French musical artists, which one(s) would you like to see participate in the opening ceremony of the Games Paris Olympics 2024 ? Please select up to '  3 answers (18-24 years old).

Across the world and for decades, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games remains one of the the most memorable moments of the sporting competition, the most anticipated and the most important in the world. These ceremonies now give rise to colossal spectacles, a challenge for the organizing countries, as is the case for France and Paris.

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And the artist chosen for the launch of the Paris Olympics will have some of this pressure on their shoulders. Charge à him or &agrav; she matched performances as incredible as those of Whitney Houston' Seoul in 1988, Freddie Mercury à Barcelona in 1992, Stevie Wonder à Atlanta four years later, but also Björk à Athens in 2004 or even Paul McCartney à London in 2012.

*All data presented here is from YouGov France, unless otherwise stated. The investigation was carried out carried out on 1030 people representative of the French national population ;eacute;e of 18 years and over. The survey was carried out carried out online, on the proprietary YouGov France panel  from 1 to 4 March 2024.

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