Which cars are most likely to cause accidents?


Which cars most often provoke accident — study

The most aggressive were the drivers of the American brand Ram, and the most accurate were the owners of the Swedish Volvo. Sports cars are more likely to cause accidents than family cars.

Insurify, an international insurance company, has conducted an interesting study on road safety. Experts have determined which cars are most often the culprits of an accident. The results were published on the official website of Insurify.

The study analyzed 4.6 million accidents in 2022. It turned out that Volvo drivers are the most accurate and law-abiding drivers – only 5.81% of them were responsible for accidents. The average accident rate is 9.26%.

Which cars are most likely to cause accidents — research

Most accidents are provoked by owners of the American brand Ram – 10.82%. Subaru (10.75%) is in second place, and Volkswagen (10.46%) is in third place. Mazda (10.41%) and Hyundai (10.3%) close the top five most “aggressive” brands.

Among the car models, the Ram 3500 pickup is in the lead – 14.14% of drivers were responsible for the accident. It is also noted that sports models have a high accident rate, such as the Hyundai Genesis Coupe coupe (13.89%) and the charged Subaru WRX sedan (13.17%).

At the same time, large family crossovers are much lower. Thus, only 7.81% of Volkswagen Atlas owners and 8.1% of Subaru Ascent drivers were responsible for accidents.


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