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Which Samsung tablet to choose in 2024 ? Comparison and differences

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, FE, A9, A9+… If the nomenclature of Korean tablets is vast, this is also the case for its collections. In this guide, you will find our opinion on the best models of the moment, with figures to illustrate the main differentiating elements.

The comparison is in order; the best Samsung tablet is the first and the least interesting in 2024 is the last.

Top 5 best Samsung tablets:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A9

The best Samsung tablet, all models combined.

Which Samsung tablet to choose in 2024 ? Comparison and differences

la Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra and its S-Pen stylus benefit from artificial intelligence with Gemini Nano © Samsung

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is the best Samsung tablet. The device is capable of competing with a laptop like the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, which is no small feat. Its screen is one of the largest you will find for this kind of touchscreen format, with an impressive diagonal of 14.6 inches at the front. What's more, the design is edge to edge, so that the rendering remains comfortable even for those who appreciate compact formats. In addition, the manufacturer has certified the device with the IP68 standard, guaranteeing sealing against liquids and dust. For comparison, today, no iPad is water resistant.

With its XL size, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra presents itself today as the best tablet on the market for multitasking or video production. Influencers should particularly appreciate this format, even if the price is enough to make us shed a little tear: count on 1,579 euros, with 5G compatibility on the menu. Or as expensive as an equivalent iPad Pro. In terms of performance, like Apple or the Google Pixel Tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra performs like a queen and doesn't falter. The manufacturer has also integrated twelve gigabytes of RAM under the hood; it's considerable.

Even better: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra has an SD card reader, even though its basic storage capacity is already large (256 GB). Still regarding accessories, it is also possible to use a particularly responsive stylus (the S-Pen) since it has a latency of less than three milliseconds. This tool is ideal for graphic designers or tattoo artists, who wish to take advantage of the large display surface to draw freehand.

We will also note the presence an ultra-wide-angle sensor on the back, and a battery of more than 11,000 mAh to last a good half-day on a single charge, wireless connections activated. Of course, Galaxy AI is also here to improve the speed of your tasks with artificial intelligence, thanks to Gemini Nano.

The best Samsung tablet for premium performance.

Which Samsung tablet to choose in 2024 ? Comparison and differences

l&#8217 ;Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 screen © Presse-citron.net

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is the best compromise in the range of the same name, with the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. This edition is to the Galaxy Tab what the iPhone 15 is to the iPhone, and allows us to enjoy multifunctional hardware in all respects. The design is also quite compact but remains premium in all circumstances. The eleven-inch AMOLED screen is also superb, and this tablet could be suitable for both entrepreneurs and people looking for some reading comfort.

The price still reaches 899 euros, which turns out to be quite off-putting. Additionally, the manufacturer does not provide a charger in the box of this tablet. Moreover, few disadvantages are worth noting, and this tablet should suit all users who do not rely entirely on a single technical characteristic in particular. Below, find the best prices on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 right now:

The best value for money among all Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets.

Which Samsung tablet to choose in 2024 ? Comparison and differences

the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 in Portrait mode © Presse-citron.net

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE is a more “light” of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, but which does not skimp on the technical sheet however. Of course, the screen is limited to LCD technology, but it still measures 10.9 inches and offers quality images. Professionals will prefer OLED, but for others it is sufficient. We also see that most of the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 are found with this model, although the processor is different. However, this is proprietary hardware, so Samsung is taking advantage of this to optimize it in parallel with its One UI overlay.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE is the victim of only one major weak point: its charging, which is too slow for our taste. However, the autonomy is there and the performance is not slow. At the front, you will also find an eight-megapixel wide-angle photo sensor. Stereo speakers are also included, giving you faithful sound when listening to podcasts or videos. This tablet is therefore, for us, the ideal choice to equip a home, a family, or a shared accommodation.

The best Samsung Galaxy tablet Tab for teleworking at a reasonable price.

Which Samsung tablet to choose in 2024 ? Comparison and differences

the Galaxy Tab A9+ © 01net

If you have a reduced budget but want to enjoy a reasonably sized touchscreen tablet, and you don't care about design, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ is made for you. This device excels in the mid-range segment, with a price under 300 euros for the Wi-Fi only version. This supports all the necessary connections when using this type of format, but still tends to lag due to a fairly light technical sheet. However, for many, it won't be so bad: we don't all need to produce music or generate calculations powered by artificial intelligence.

For simple office work, texting, or reading articles online, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ does the trick. It's a better Samsung tablet than the Galaxy Tab A9, and the price difference between the two is pretty negligible. You get four different colors here, and 64GB or 128GB of internal storage.

The best compact Samsung tablet in 2024.

Which Samsung tablet to choose in 2024 ? Comparison and differences

the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 touchscreen tablet © Samsung

Finally, here is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and its compact format. This model will be very appreciated for nomadic use, or for simply controlling a playlist and home automation without requiring a large display surface. You also only have to pay 229.90 euros for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 with 4G, while cellular connectivity is often expensive with major manufacturers.

Besides, be aware that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and its 8.7-inch diagonal is not the fastest, but has the advantage of being much more affordable than an iPad mini.  Forget USB 3.2, however, since you will only benefit from the USB-C 2.0 standard here, less efficient (on paper).

As you will surely have noticed in this comparison, not all Galaxy Tabs offer the same technical characteristics and each should interest different profiles. If you are looking for the best Galaxy Tab on the market, then go for the S9 Ultra. The compact and very affordable format of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 will suit small budgets, but the quality/price ratio of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE is simply unbeatable today.

Before purchasing your Galaxy Tab, also remember to compare the compatibility of the different models with your accessories (wireless headphones, telephone, keyboard). Update support may also change. Finally, note that Galaxy AI could later arrive on more Samsung tablets than today, but we don't know more at the moment: stay alert.

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