Which surfaces during cleaning absolutely cannot be treated with vinegar


    May 15, 2022, 09:07 | Science and technology

    Tips from cleaning experts.

    What surfaces during cleaning absolutely cannot be treated with vinegar

    People who prefer to wipe surfaces with vinegar when cleaning should avoid this liquid when treating several types of surfaces, informs Ukr.Media.

    Yes, in contact with vinegar , even diluted with water, can damage natural stone, which is sometimes used to make countertops, and wooden parquet – both should be washed only with warm water and soap.

    You should also not try to clean with vinegar wool carpet. Acid can irreversibly damage the fiber.

    Vinegar should be used more carefully for household appliances equipped with rubber gaskets. For example, to the dishwasher: the rubber can be damaged over time, which will lead to leakage.

    You absolutely cannot wipe TV and computer screens with vinegar – it will eat away the protective coating.

    You should also not try to wipe off the spilled egg white with a rag soaked in vinegar – the acid will cause it to curdle, and it will be even more difficult to wash the stain.

    Vinegar is also harmful to knives, as well as any dishes from aluminum and cast iron: metals enter into a chemical reaction with acid, which inevitably leads to corrosion.

    Finally, acid is not suitable for processing freshly painted wood.

    Vinegar will dissolve water-based paint according 10 minutes, and in 30 minutes the oil paint will completely dissolve.


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