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While waiting for Samsung, sales of connected rings are already up sharply

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Will 2024 be the year of connected rings? As a reminder, at the beginning of the year, during the presentation event of the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung teased its future connected ring, the Galaxy Ring. At the moment it is not known exactly when Samsung will present this new product. But in any case, this is a highly anticipated novelty. And moreover, everything suggests that this new Samsung connected object will be a hit.

Indeed, it is important to note that Samsung will not be the first brand to offer this type of device. Among the companies that already market connected rings is Oura, which has been on the market for years. And apparently, sales have been pretty good lately.

In a new report, IDC publishes figures on shipments of connected devices worldwide, including those for the connected ring market. According to this report, IDC indicates that shipments of connected rings worldwide increased by 34.9% in the last quarter of 2023.

A more discreet device

IDC also confirms the interest of connected rings, compared to other devices, for monitoring health and well-being. “By offering a discreet form factor and multi-day battery life, the rings avoid some of the main shortcomings of smartwatches and therefore appeal to a wider audience. However, the format has long relied on a subscription-based business model, which is expected to ease in the near term as competition intensifies”, explains Jitesh Ubrani, research director at IDC.

As a reminder, Samsung took advantage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to provide new information on the Galaxy Ring, but without giving all the technical details or the release date. It is also rumored that Apple could also launch a connected ring later. But at the moment this has not been confirmed.

Otherwise, in its report, IDC indicates that in the last quarter of 2023, global shipments of connected devices “wearables” (which includes watches and rings) were down 0.9%). However, the company also predicts a rebound in this market in 2024, thanks to the replacement of old models and the arrival of new players.

  • Smart rings are becoming more and more popular
  • According to IDC, global shipments were up 34.9% as of last quarter 2023
  • Samsung is preparing to enter this market, having already teased its Galaxy Ring at the beginning of the year
  • It is rumored that Apple is also preparing a product similar, but this is not yet confirmed
  • The new IDC report also mentions a 0.9% drop in wearable shipments ( which includes watches and rings) in the last quarter, but a rebound is expected in 2024

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