Who are the elected officials blocking the election of a speaker of the House of Representatives?

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Who are the elected officials blocking the election of a Speaker of the House of Representatives?

Discussions continue in the Republican ranks. About twenty elected officials categorically refuse to support the candidacy of Kevin McCarthy for the presidency of the House of Representatives.

“Anti-Kevin” [McCarthy] Trumpists and anti-establishment Republicans: About 20 elected officials have been blocking the election of a president to the US House of Representatives for three days.

All members of the most conservative fringe of the Republican Party, these elected officials do not have the same reasons to prevent the elected representative of California Kevin McCarthy from accessing to the roost, and some could be more relentless than others.

Overview of their profiles and their requests.

California Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy (left) has been unable since Tuesday to collect the necessary 218 votes to become Speaker of the Lower House of Congress.

Accusing the US Congress of pandering to the interests of lobbyists and the Washington establishment, a handful of ultraconservative lawmakers have made it their mission to radically change the way the institution operates.


They take a dim view of the nomination of Kevin McCarthy, a member of the Republican general staff for more than 10 years, but have seemed ready, in recent days, to negotiate.

I am open to anything that will give me the power to defend my constituents against this cursed city, said Texas elected official Chip Roy, referring to the federal capital.

A process to facilitate the ousting of the president, seats in key committees… Kevin McCarthy acceded to some of their demands during nightly negotiations on Wednesday, without this group indicating whether this would influence their vote .

There are the Never Kevin, these elected officials who have pledged never to vote for the elected representative of California, whom they say they do not trust.

He is a desperate guy, who loses votes at every turn, tackled the turbulent elected representative of Florida, Matt Gaetz, very active in the hemicycle to ensure that the opposition against Kevin McCarthy continues.

“I'm up to vote all night, all week, all month, and it'll never be for him.”

—Matt Gaetz, Florida Elect

Very close to Donald Trump, these free spirits have nevertheless refused to comply with the call of the former president to fall into line.

The president should tell Kevin McCarthy that he does not have the necessary votes and that he must withdraw his candidacy, retorted the elected Lauren Boebert in the hemicycle.

Republican Representatives including Matt Gaetz and Andy Biggs who oppose Kevin McCarthy's election chat ahead of the vote.

The equation for Republicans supporting Kevin McCarthy, the overwhelming majority of the caucus, is how many of those 20 elected officials would be willing to negotiate.

The new Republican majority in the House is so slim that they can't afford more than four defections.

Even if a President were to be elected, the fierce opposition of this hard core foreshadows open wars on a litany of subjects during the next two years, so small is the majority of Republicans in the House.

On the menu in particular, the unlocking of ;additional envelopes for Ukraine, raising the US public debt ceiling and federal state financing.

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