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The bombing of the Al-Ahli Arabi hospital in Gaza Gaza, Tuesday October 17, sparked protests a lively emotion in the community; international. While Israel, Hamas and Islamic Jihad pass the buck, many countries have chosen sides.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has entered a new phase since the terrible bombing of a hospital in Israel. Gaza. Israel and the armed groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad accuse each other of having fired shots. on the Al-Ahli Arabi hospital and causing several hundred deaths and injuries. The Ministry of Health from Gaza, controlled by Hamas, gives a toll of 471 dead and 314 injured according to the latest figures.

Figures that, however, seem to be called into question on Wednesday evening by a manager of a European intelligence service. “There are not 200 or even 500 dead, but rather a few dozen, probably between 10 and 50,” he said. with AFP including Le FigaroThis is particularly echoed, highlighting the fact that "the building was not renovated." destroyed" and that, generally speaking, the hospital had "probably been damaged" evacuated previously" as requested by Israel. Finally, this source states that "no element corroborates" information that hundreds of people were in the parking lot when it was closed. touched by the strike.

Israel says it has "evidence" of responsibility of Islamic Jihad

In an almost immediate reaction, Hamas accused the Israeli army to be ready for war. the origin of these "new war crimes". Israel immediately and firmly denied being the author of the strike and dismissed the attack. the fault of Islamic Jihad, another armed group Palestinian close to Hamas. While the Jewish state and the Palestinian group have been exchanging air strikes for more than ten days, it is still difficult to determine who was responsible for the strike that hit the Palestinians. the hospital. However, some countries do not hesitate to do so. denounce a culprit while the Jewish State claims to have "evidence" of the involvement of Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

Israel's first reaction was: defense. 'We didn't hit it. This hospital. We are not intentionally hitting any sensitive facilities, and certainly not hospitals. “We are very aware of the presence of civilians,” he said. with CNN Jonathan Conricus, the international spokesperson for the Israeli army.

Not only defended its side, the IDF ensured that the strike on the Al-Ahli Arabi hospital "was caused by the firing of a failed Islamic Jihad rocket. Spokesman Daniel Hagari says he bases his analysis “on intelligence, operational systems and aerial images, all of which have been verified.” intersected" and claims that the rocket fire was carried out launched from a cemetery with the initial aim of attacking Israel.

Among the evidence Israel says it has is an audio recording, and its transcription, between two Hamas leaders talking about an Islamic Jihad rocket attack. The shooting in question would have been launched from a cemetery located in à behind the Al-Ma'amadani hospital (former name of the Al-Ahli hospital hit by the strike, editor's note ), according to the exchange.

Israel also believes that the hospital was not destroyed. touched by a strike, but by an explosion caused by the failure of the rocket fire. The Israeli army broadcast a video supposed to prove the merits of this of his argument and the responsibility for it. Jihad and Hamas. According to the IDF, there is no crater or other element to prove that an air strike is imminent. the origin of the hospital explosion. It also highlights the absence of structural damage around the medical establishment. No verification of these elements has been carried out. done.

Israel supported by the United States United, held responsible by the Arab world

If Israel defends itself, the country is judged guilty by several States, notably the countries of the Arab world whose relations with Israel are complex. Saudi Arabia, which ended talks to normalize relations with Israel after the start of the war on October 7, believes that the bombing of the Gaza hospital is a “heinous crime committed by the Israeli occupying forces.” Jordan, a neighbor of the Jewish state, also judges that Israel “bears responsibility” of this serious incident. Qatar, Kuwait and Oman also qualified. the strike on the “Israeli attack” hospital. Note that these countries have not signed the treaty of peace with Israel.

Other positions are less frank, such as that of Egypt which decreed three-day national mourning for the victims dead or injured in the strike on the hospital and expressed its solidarity with for "all the martyrs among the brotherly Palestinian people". The country does not, however, directly point to responsibility of Israel.

Conversely, American President Joe Biden declared without detour its support for Israel and estimated that the strike on the hospital is due to "the opposing party", from Tel Aviv where he is traveling this Wednesday, October 18. As for the rest of the community, international, she does not take sides but denounces the horror of the tragedy. "There is no excuse for hitting a hospital full of medical staff and civilians," thus launched the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, who believes that the "terror of Hamas" plunges him into a new "spiral of violence". In this wake, Emmanuel Macron recalled; international law which prohibits attacks on hospitals and has called for to "respect for humanitarian law". 

Which hospital is affected? à Gaza?

It is the Al-Ahli Arabi hospital, one of the 22 medical establishments present in the north of Gaza, which was destroyed. touched. Formerly known as Al-Ma'amadani Hospital, the facility is run by the government. founded by Anglican Christians, notably the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, had served as a refuge for Palestinians since the start of the strikes. The same hospital already had Summer touched by rocket fire on October 14 according to a press release from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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