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Who is Creatio, the unicorn of “no code” and AI valued at $1.2 billion ?

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The start-up Creatio, specialist in “ no code ”, has just reached the status of unicorn with a valuation of $1.2 billion. Popular, its interface attracts more and more customers, and the young company does not hide its ambitions.

Workflow Automation

The company has completed a $200 million funding round led by Sapphire Venture, a venture capital giant based in Silicon Valley. Founded in 2014 by Katherine Kostereva, Creatio targets medium and large businesses through a workflow automation platform. Its particularity: the “ low code ” and the “ no code ”.

This approach allows unicorn clients to create applications with minimal hand coding. Simple graphical interfaces and visual tools are made available to them, reducing the need for line-by-line coding. Even its users without programming skills are thus able to develop fully functional applications.

« The problem we are solving is meeting the needs of knowledge workers. This concerns 1.7 billion people around the world who we want to help automate their workflows thanks to the power of no code “, explains the co-founder and CEO of the company at TechCrunch.

Sales, customer relations, marketing, management… Creatio's offering has a vocation to cover as many operations as possible. Because the number of developers is no longer sufficient to meet the ever-increasing demand for software. As a result, it is in direct competition with behemoths like Salesforce, Microsoft or Oracle.

A breath of fresh air in a sector « aging »

This rivalry does not worry Katherine Kostereva. « Today, people are increasingly telling us that cloud technologies built in the early 2000s like Salesforce are considered aging. Everyone is looking for new, cutting-edge technology – and that's exactly what Creatio offers with our AI and no-code architectures ,” she assures.

A confidence that is not surprising, given that the start-up is showing sustained growth. Its revenue has increased by 50% annually for several consecutive years. Like the entire sector, the unicorn has also embraced the boom in generative artificial intelligence (AI). A strategy that allows it to accelerate the automation of tasks promised by its interface.

With these new funds, Creatio intends to accelerate the development of its products. Its investors are very optimistic about its ability to develop. The company stands out from the competition because it focuses on specific business processes, Rajeev Dham, managing director of Sapphire Ventures, told the news agency Reuters. He salutes, in passing, “ power and agility ” of the platform.

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