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Who is Kineis, the French start-up which has just launched 5 nano-satellites

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Kineis is a young company from Toulouse, specializing in the Internet of Things (iOT). She has already stood out in recent years for her various fundraising efforts. But the company has just reached a completely different level, that of the first launch of nanosatellites.

The five objects, weighing around thirty kilograms each, reached orbit during the night from Thursday to Friday. They left Earth under the hood of an Electron rocket from the company Rocket Lab. The flight went very well and they reached their cruising altitude, 635 kilometers above our heads.

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Alexandre Tisserant, CEO of Kinéis, is delighted to have reached this new milestone. Speaking to AFP, he spoke of it as a “culmination” for him and his entire team, who have been working on this project for four years. The company is now looking towards the beginning of 2025 for a second launch of 4 satellites. In total, a constellation of 25 devices should be placed in orbit around the Earth to offer a unique service.

Who are the customers of the IoT ?

Kineis is, as we have said, specialized in the IoT, the Internet of Things. But what are the uses that are really hidden behind this technical term? In reality, they are very vast. Kinéis wants to be able, thanks to its constellation of satellites, to geolocate a beacon anywhere on the globe and send the information back to Earth.

This feature could be very useful for private fishermen in particular. There are 55 million of them in the world and generally, once at sea, no one knows their exact position and cannot help them if necessary.

Kineis&nbsp ;: dozens of possible uses

But the use of Kinéis tags could also allow animal caretakers to better understand development and proliferation of an illness. This could also make it possible to fight against poaching by detecting attacks on animal populations in real time.

Kinéis also hopes to be able to predict forest fires with smart devices. In a completely different register, the service offered by the Toulouse company is also of interest to the world of freight and naval transport. The use of these beacons could reduce the loss of containers during long journeys across the globe.

The Kineis satellites present in orbit will make it possible to carry out demonstrations of the company's different capabilities. She hopes that the launch of these first five elements will facilitate the prospecting of new clients and the creation of partnerships with NGOs, institutions or private companies.

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