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Who is Qista, this small French start-up which promises to rid us of mosquitoes ?

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While mosquitoes are ever more numerous, the start-up Qista has developed a terminal capable of sucking them up without affecting the surrounding fauna and flora. It has already attracted several French municipalities.

Attract mosquitoes, then trap them

With more than 800,000 annual deaths, the mosquito is undoubtedly the deadliest animal for humans. A trend which risks increasing, its proliferation being favored by global warming. The mild temperatures and humidity which have affected France in recent months constitute ideal conditions for their multiplication.

In addition to the itching caused by their bite, mosquitoes are also carriers of diseases. Although tropical countries are much more affected, an increase in cases of dengue fever has been observed in mainland France in recent years. Solutions exist to combat Diptera, but often they have harmful consequences on other species. This is particularly the case for insecticides.

Qista, whose majority shareholder is none other than Dassault, intends to change the situation. The company markets a device that not only gets rid of mosquitoes, but also collects essential datato prevent their spread. Bites are caused by female mosquitoes, which need proteins in the blood to mature their eggs. They track their prey by detecting carbon dioxide and odorous molecules emitted by the human body.

The terminal designed by the start-up reproduces these two elements and diffuses them , attracting insects to the surrounding area. If they get too close to the device, mosquitoes are sucked in and trapped. A technique which allows, in parallel, to recover information on captured individuals. It also prevents the birth of thousands of larvae.

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The Qista terminal attracts both individuals and professionals

It’s a winning bet. Since its marketing in 2016, the Qista terminal has sold thousands of copies. Communities like Marseille, Hyères and Toulouse have also adopted it. The private sector, particularly the restaurant and hotel industry, is also interested in the device. Individuals represent half of the start-up's sales.

Beyond France, Qista sells its products in more than 32 countries. The group even plans to generate 6 million euros in turnover this year, then 10 million euros in 2025. A major fundraising is on the agenda, with a major industrialist among the participants.

While the summer of 2024 is expected to be particularly rich in mosquitoes, don't forget to adopt these different gestures to protect yourself from them. For example, it is advisable to get rid of stagnant water around your home.

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