Who pays for the Pope's visit to Canada? | Pope Francis in Canada


Who pays for the Pope's visit to Canada? | Pope Francis in Canada

Between July 24 and 29, the pope will stop in Edmonton, Quebec and Iqaluit to reiterate his apologies for the Catholic Church's involvement in the residential school system.

Ottawa will distribute $30.2 million to Indigenous communities across Canada to “ensure communities have the financial resources to support survivors who want to attend the events,” said Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller. (archives)

The bill for the papal visit, estimated at several million dollars, will be mainly absorbed by the Catholic Church of Canada, but also by taxpayers. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), however, is unable to quantify the exact cost of the event.

It is something that is organized almost entirely by the Conference of the bishops, but Canada plays a fairly important background role in ensuring the logistics and the smooth running of the event, explains the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, Marc Miller.

< p class="e-p">Both parties have made important contributions, adds Erika Jacinto, one of the leaders within the national team of the papal visit.

According to her, the CCCB will cover several costs related to major programming events, such as facility costs (stages, lighting, sound), communications infrastructure (high-speed internet, broadcast costs, media centers), local transport to venues, accommodation for the pope and his delegation, and security throughout the visit.

The Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, near Quebec, will welcome the faithful and pilgrims on the occasion of the papal visit.

For the moment, the costs are not yet fully assessable, assures the president of the CCCB, Mgr Raymond Poisson, who warns that there will be a discussion between bishops to discuss the possible contribution of the dioceses. For the moment, the CCCB assumes, he says.

The stop of the sovereign pontiff in Quebec, from July 27 to 29, will alone cost the CCCB the around three million dollars according to the president of the committee of coordination of the visit of the pope in Quebec, Benoit Thibault.

This sum, he explains, corresponds to the transport of pilgrims to the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré basilica, to the incentive parking lots, to security logistics, to the retransmission on giant screens, to sound, light and video. #x27;water supply.

Erika Jacinto specifies, however, that this visit will have a much more modest cost than previous papal visits, thanks to the important role of volunteers […] and to the short duration of the pope's stay.

The exact amount of the bill is not yet clear, but the federal government's contribution is already in the tens of millions of dollars. Ottawa will distribute $30.2 million among all Indigenous communities in Canada.

According to the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, this is to ensure that communities have financial resources to support survivors who want to attend the events.

“Canada, which played a key role in residential schools, must bear the costs for the survivors. »

— Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, Marc Miller, wants to make sure residential school survivors can participate in events with the pope. (archive)

In addition to this amount, Indigenous Services Canada and Crown-Indigenous Relations will provide $3 million to fund coordination by Indigenous partners in the three host regions of Edmonton, Quebec and Iqaluit.

An additional $2 million will fund simultaneous translation into various Indigenous languages ​​of the pope's speeches and other events.

Marc Miller points out that this envelope is in addition to the traditional budget devoted to the visit of a Head of State, in connection with his security.

The Minister affirms that he does not know details of the expenses, but that the costs of assuming the security and accompaniment of a fairly large delegation are estimated at several million dollars.

The Government of Alberta unknown at this time what contribution the province will have to pay to cover the costs of this visit.

Costs will be confirmed as part of the Government of Alberta's overall financial support of the papal visit. The Government of Alberta will work with other partners on potential cost sharing for this visit, commented the press secretary to the Premier of Alberta.

The Nunavut government says it will cover travel costs for 10 residential school survivors to meet the Pope in Iqaluit on July 29.

For its part, the Quebec government did not answer our questions on this subject.

The Pope will travel aboard an Alitalia plane. (archives)

The transport of the pope by plane, provided by the company Alitalia, will be financed in large part by the 78 accredited journalists who will accompany the pope on board the device, according to the correspondent of the newspaper La Croix at Vatican, Loup Besmond de Senneville.

According to a logistical document from the Holy See press office, the journalists who will accompany the pope on his journeys will pay approximately $9,000 for tickets plane.

The cost of the plane is the immobilization of the aircraft for a week, diesel fuel, the price of the crew who have come from Italy for a week and who remain available of these flights for the duration of the trip.

“There is no transparency on the cost of this trip to the Vatican. »

— Loup Besmond de Senneville, correspondent for the newspaper La Croix in the Vatican

According to Loup Besmond de Senneville, the Vatican traditionally spends the least possible money in travel and related costs, given the very tight budgets of the smallest state in the world.

The journalist adds, however, that it is possible that the Vatican participates in transport costs, without specifying to what extent, because these specific travel costs are never public.


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