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Who Was Lee Halliday, Johnny Hallyday's "father of the heart"? /></p>
<p> Lee Halliday, which is spelled with an i, had inspired à Johnny Hallyday his stage name: he died this Tuesday in Paris. 95 years old. </p>
<p>The "father of the heart" by Johnny Hallyday is dead: Lee Halliday has died this Tuesday at 95 years old, announces AFP, citing a source close to the family. American music hall singer and dancer, he brought on stage the very young Jean-Philippe Smet, then aged only 13 years old. The future "Idol of young people" even borrowed his name, with a y, becoming the Johnny Hallyday that everyone knows.</p>
<p>Lee Halliday was born Lemoine "Lee" Gardner Ketcham in 1927 in Oklahoma, United States, and quickly became an artist, under the pseudonym Lee Halliday. If he is known to be the "father" by Johnny Hallyday, he is in fact his cousin by marriage, after his marriage to Desta Mar, cousin of the French rocker. The latter, abandoned by his father at a very young age, made Lee Halliday his adoptive father, growing up under his wing.</p>
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#Décès mardi à 95 ans du chanteur et danseur Lee #Halliday, né Lemoine Gardner Ketcham, « père de coeur » de #Johnny #Hallyday, son père adoptif, son premier producteur et agent artistique. Lee a été l’époux de Desta Mar, cousine de Johnny (source famille) pic.twitter.com/F3bwfWuK0M

— Jean-François Guyot (@JFGuyot) September 6, 2023

Johnny Hallyday was there. originally called like the American, with an "i", but an error on the cover of his first 45 rpm, in 1960, decided otherwise and the "y" will stay. Lee Halliday will remain Johnny Hallyday's first producer and artistic agent. to whom I owe a lot of things, but Lee Halliday is surely the person in my life who served as a father to me, who raised me, who 39;learned a little dancing,” remembered Taulier in particular in the documentary Johnny by Johnny, released in 2022.

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