Why a TV in the bedroom is preventing you from getting rich


June 26, 2022, 22:03 | Business

It would seem that what could be the connection between this? However, he is. And this may surprise you.

Why the TV in the bedroom prevents you from getting rich

Probably, you cannot find such a house without a TV. Yes, in our modern houses and apartments, it occupies the most honorable place not only in the living room, but often in the bedroom as well, informs Ukr.Media.

Is it useful to place a TV in the bedroom? What is the connection between the TV in the bedroom and our income?

First let's understand what is the TV in the house from the point of view of energies? When the TV is on, the screen is "pouring" the flow of other people's thoughts, images, negative information (when we watch talk shows, action movies, thrillers, horror, news, programs about disasters, anomalies, extraordinary events, etc.).

Meanwhile, the house is "charging" everything that is broadcast in its space, that is, during the operation of the TV, the energy field of your house is filled with mental garbage. And your subconscious consumes this “garbage”, which leads to anxiety, worries, irritability, inattention.

Imagine that the TV is in your bedroom and after a few hours of operation it literally leaks, “clogs” your room with other people's information and negative energy. In such a space, you will not sleep well, your psyche will not be able to relax, but your activity, work capacity and efficiency during the day depend on how full and deep your sleep was at night. And your income depends on your efficiency at work.

In the bedroom, you should strive to create a relaxing atmosphere that will promote relaxation and restoration of strength and energy. We spend 1/3 of our lives in sleep, and during sleep we are most susceptible to the influence of the environment on our subconscious.

Let's understand further. From the point of view of Vastu (the science of arranging space in accordance with the laws of nature), the TV carries the energy of Rahu (the shadow planet-pest). Rahu provokes fears and anxieties, causes disorders of the immune and nervous systems. And also Rahu creates illusions in our mind, as if clouding our mind, which leads to wrong management decisions, money investment in unpromising projects, unprofitable investments and so on.

Install it in the living room, then you will not have any problems with financial well-being.

And now we suggest you remember how furniture is most often arranged in the bedroom? Opposite the bed is a sideboard or chest of drawers, above which hangs the TV, that is, the TV is located directly opposite the bed. And the TV screen reflects the surface and acts in the same way as a mirror.

The television can be called a “black mirror”. It turns out that during sleep you sleep with your feet in a “black mirror”. And such an arrangement during sleep is very unfavorable, it generates negative energy and can provoke financial losses.

What to do if you still have a TV installed in your bedroom and you cannot rearrange it? Then cover the TV screen at night with a cloth, you can hang it with a light shawl. This is how you "block" mirror surface of the screen.

Our grandmothers always covered the screen with a white lace napkin after watching TV. Then it seemed old-fashioned, funny, superstitious, but now many people do the same, protecting the space of their home from other people's negative energies.

This is how the TV in the bedroom hurts your money. Be aware and follow these simple recommendations in order not to attract financial difficulties into your life.

We have also compiled a list of things in the house that hinder financial well-being in the family. It's time to get rid of them before it's too late:

"Dead objects"

These are deer antlers, artificial flowers, dried insects and other things that have lost their souls. The energy of death blows from them, but not well-being.

Broken dishes

Many people are sorry to throw away even a cracked plate. They took glue, fixed it, and voila. However, having broken dishes in the house is a bad sign. This blocks the financial flow.

Old clothes and belongings of dead people

All this sends a request to the universe for poverty and simply interferes you earn more. It is better to get rid of the junk as soon as possible and buy new ones. It will not harm not only the wallet, but also the wardrobe.

Artificial waterfalls

The source of water pouring in the house will symbolize the fact that money is just flowing out of your family. It is better to give preference to stagnant water – for example, an aquarium.

Creeping and young plants

They mark an intricate web difficulties and obstacles on the way to your financial well-being, so it is not worth buying such flowers for the house.


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