Why are the bristles on toothbrushes made in different colors


    July 15, 2022, 14:32 | Science and technology

    The answer was given by a teacher from Canada.

    Why are the bristles on toothbrushes made in different colors

    A resident of the Canadian city of Ontario unexpectedly discovered that the multi-colored bristles on a toothbrush have a specific purpose. As she found out, color indicates the amount of toothpaste that should be applied to the bristles. She told about this in her TikTok account, Ukr.Media informs.

    The teacher named Jess, in a clip that quickly went viral, asked her followers if they knew why there are bristles on the teeth. brushes are made in different colors, and she explained that this is not just a marketing ploy.

    "The smallest colored area, usually at the top of the brush, shows how much toothpaste you actually need to use, she said. – Usually it is made of about a pea.

    Children's toothbrushes, according to the teacher, are made according to a similar principle, only the colored element, which allows you to measure the required amount of paste, is most often located in the center, and not from above. This simple explanation was a revelation to many people who watched the video.


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