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Why are we often finding orphaned shoes on the highway ?

“Why are we often finding orphaned shoes on the highway?”

Almost everyone already has it. noticed: an abandoned and isolated shoe lying on the highway. But how does it get there, and why aren't there always pairs??

Many people have already done so. pos&eac; the same question: why do we often see single shoes on the highway? A question for you which few seem to have a satisfactory answer. Among the hypotheses most often given, a common explanation is accidental loss. Shoes could be thrown from moving vehicles, especially when improperly stored or placed improperly. ;being precarious, like at home on the back of a van or on a luggage rack. Road accidents could also be at risk. the origin of the dispersion of personal objects, including shoes, on the roadway. Finally, some people who voluntarily get rid of their old shoes by throwing them from their vehicle, considering the highway as a wild dump, could also… ;ecirc;be à the origin of this curious phenomenon of shoe abandonment.

But none of these explanations seem to be entirely valid. So the Swiss newspaper ZüriToday conducted an investigation. According to the newspaper, the answer is simple. These shoes belong to truckers who often change their shoes during a break. “They then forget their shoes on the running board and, when they set off again, the wind carries them onto the road – one at a time.” The Zurich Cantonal Building Directorate confirmed this theory from the truckers to the newspaper. Thomas Maag, spokesman, said: “After long hours of driving, they like to change into more comfortable shoes before a break or at night.” They then leave their other shoes on the truck's running board to air them out and forget about them.

Why are we often finding orphaned shoes on the highway ?

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In France, throwing trash on the highway is strictly forbidden. This is an offence that is not only dangerous for road users, but also has a negative impact on the environment. When a person is caught red-handed throwing rubbish from their vehicle onto a motorway, they are liable to heavy penalties. In fact, according to the Environmental Code, this offence can result in a fine of up to €1,500. In the event of a repeat offence or if the waste thrown causes an accident, the penalties can be even more severe. In addition, the authorities encourage witnesses to report such irresponsible behavior.

There is approximately one ton of waste thrown away for every kilometer of national road each year, a high figure that has hardly changed in recent years.

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