Why can't you celebrate a man's 40th birthday and how to properly spend this day?


October 6, 2017, 5:15 p.m. | In the world

One ​​of the common omens concerns the anniversary. So why can't you celebrate a man's 40th birthday and is it possible to celebrate this day in some other way?

Why can't you celebrate a man's 40th birthday and how to spend this day properly?

The origin of the omen

It is faster for historians to establish exactly why and how such a belief arose anyway, it won't work. Presumably, the number 40 may have a negative value for the following reasons:

the number 40 appears in a negative sense in many beliefs, including Christianity. It was 40 years that the Jews, led by Moses, were in the desert, Jesus also spent 40 days in the desert after his baptism, and after his death we have 40 commemorative days;

according to astrologers, precisely at the age of 40 some kind of internal transformation takes place with a person;

in esotericism, the number 4 means death;

in addition, our ancestors rarely lived even to 40 – and according to one of the versions, that is why this number acquired such a negative color.

Psychologists interpret in their own way why it is not possible to celebrate 40 years for a man, a sign, in their opinion, has nothing to do with it. The main difficulty lies in the fact that, leaving the thirty-year-old category, men think about what they managed to achieve, everything they managed in life, and also face the realization that youth has almost slipped away, and old age is already waiting for them.< /p>

How to celebrate this anniversary

If the reasons why it is not possible to celebrate a man's 40th birthday seem convincing to you, but you still want to highlight this day somehow, you can do it this way:

celebrate on any of the other days, because the celebration will be moved from the middle working week on the weekend is much more convenient for everyone;

celebrate your 40th birthday farewell to 39 years;

hold a celebration that is not timed to your anniversary or to time it to some other event, such as the gaining of independence by some African state. Such information for every day of the year will not be difficult to find on the Internet;

another belief says that you can celebrate the 40th anniversary only at home. So, such a sign can be a great reason to celebrate 40 years in a restaurant, in nature or by going on a weekend tour to the countries of the near abroad.

From a religious point of view, why can't we celebrate 40 years, the opinion of the church will be interesting to pious people, it is expressed in the fact that any superstition – this is a sign of distance from the true faith and is interpreted as paganism. So, according to church canons, there is nothing wrong with celebrating the 40th anniversary.

To celebrate or not to celebrate

The decision to celebrate your 40th birthday should be made by yourself. Self-suggestion plays a huge role in our lives. So, if you firmly believe in omens and always follow them, it's best not to tempt fate and just spend this day with your family. It will be more peaceful for everyone.

You can have another wonderful anniversary in your life: 40 years of life together.

If omens do not play a special role in your life or the opinion of the church is more authoritative for you than all kinds of beliefs – feel free to tune in to a positive mood and prepare for the celebration with all the scale, without paying attention to the comments of others.

And most importantly, do not forget that no matter what age milestone you have crossed, everything in this life depends on you . Always stay young at heart, be cheerful and full of strength and energy.


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