Why cats leave the house: the main reasons and what to do to keep the animal at home


August 1, 2020, 4:07 p.m. | Animals

Signs for which cats leave home.

 Why cats leave the house: the main reasons and what to do to keep the animal at home

Almost every person loves cats and tries to pay a lot of attention to the care of a pet. And therefore, when a cat leaves home, it can be perceived as a tragic event. There are many reasons for which pets can leave home. It has been scientifically proven that cats have a supernatural sense and have a connection with otherworldly beings, informs Ukr.Media.

Signs that cats follow from home< /strong>

There is a belief that when cats leave home, they take trouble with them. At the same time, it does not matter how the owners treated the animal. Foster children feel a strong attachment to their owners and therefore take on trouble, even at the cost of their lives. Others believe that the pet left home due to the onset of a quick death. If the cat has left the house, you should mentally thank her. Cats leave when they sense that the owner is going to get another pet. At the same time, it is impossible to understand whether the animal was offended or not. In any case, the fact that the cat is gone can lead to a replenishment.

People who believe in mystical phenomena believe that the house does not give the cat life. The ancient Slavs said that a householder could chase away an animal if he didn't like its color. There are methods to quiet the mystical creature. After the animal has entered the house, it is worth treating it with a house glass of wine. Another reason is the family curse. Because dark forces can harm the animal. Compared to cats, cats quickly pick up on negativity and therefore want to leave the house.

For what reasons do cats leave their home?

Cats can leave for other reasons:

  1. The pet could get lost. Not all dogs and cats can correctly find their way home.
  2. Cats have a premonition of their death and therefore may leave home. Animals do not want their owners to suffer and want to die alone.
  3. Cats leave the house to give birth. They prefer to give birth to kittens elsewhere and then bring them home.
  4. Care can lead to neglect and poor conditions.
  5. Jealousy. Cats are jealous of the owner of other animals and therefore may leave.
  6. The situation in the house can be tense. If the spouses constantly quarrel and let go, the pet will soon want to leave.
  7. Sometimes animals leave because of annoying children. Some children can be careless towards a furry animal.

What should be done to keep the pet at home?

Pets and pets are predators by nature. In addition, like all animals, they want to continue the family. Cats can run out of an open door or fall out of a window.

For safety, some rules must be followed:

  1. When there is a kitten, all glazed windows must have mosquito net. And old windows should have bars.
  2. Sterilization will save the animal from long walks on the street. In addition, the operation extends the life of the pet.
  3. I can steal purebred animals. To avoid theft, it is worth chipping the cat.
  4. When moving, the pet may not like the new place. And so the cat will return to the old house. To prevent this incident, more attention should be paid to playing with the animal.
  5. In order to avoid losing the cat, it is necessary to write the address and phone number on its collar.

As for the color, the researchers found a few facts. Black cats protect the house from evil. Red cats can bring love. A pet of gray color can bring prosperity and well-being. 3 – colored breeds will attract changes.


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