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Why Disney has one box office fiasco ?

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Disney is not just any company in Hollywood. The entertainment giant reigns supreme with its Marvel, Star Wars and many other big-name franchises that have allowed it to dominate the competition for years. Also, the multiplication of failures recorded in 2023 at the box office has led the company to question itself.

In “ What I’m Hearing…”, journalist Matt Belloni recently explained that internally Disney attributed its difficulties &#8220 ;a dilution of attention and resources” for films throughout the pandemic.

In detail, in the midst of a health crisis, the company would have tried to supply its Disney+ and Hulu streaming platforms with as much content as possible. While creatives worked remotely, they were on a tight schedule.

Disney wants to produce quality films

And the expert clarified: “Everyone was going at a hundred miles an hour, while working most of the time at home and away from creative collaborators, and production ramped up far beyond what the company was expected to deliver. Disney made decisions without thinking it through and without testing the ideas properly, and the content ultimately suffered”.

And it is precisely these series and these films which are gradually released in 2022 and 2023. But today, things seem to be going better on the Disney side. Employees are back in the office and have returned to a normal pace where the rush is no longer required:

Today, Bob Iger is back and the company is operating at a normal pace and work environment, which will improve intentionality and ultimately account, to produce better films.

In fact, the firm with big ears insists in its communication on the need to produce better quality content even if it means releasing less. Addressing investors, CEO Bob Iger also indicated that he had sacrificed several projects.

He thinks that the public is not necessarily tired of big franchises, but that audiences want great feature films: “And if you build a great film, they will come and there are countless examples of that”. You can also always reread our article reporting his remarks here.

What you need to remember:

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  • Disney thinks it has identified the source of its box office difficulties
  • By wanting to produce too much content during the covid crisis, the overall quality of films and series has declined
  • By returning to normal cadences and giving free rein to its creatives, the company could turn things around
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