Why do cats like to sleep on their owners' feet — folk signs and objective reasons


May 25, 2022, 14:09 | Animals

Cats come to sleep on their owners' feet for a reason.

Why cats love to sleep on the feet of the owners — folk signs and objective reasons

Cat owners notice a lot of funny habits in their pets, some of them have an explanation. Almost all cats like to sleep at their owner's feet. This habit of theirs has certain reasons and can be explained by several signs, informs Ukr.Media.

Why do cats sleep at a person's feet: signs

Even in ancient times, cats were attributed with paranormal abilities. According to some of them, they can clean the aura, predict weather changes and future disasters. They sense negativity and can distinguish a good person from a bad one.

Many different signs are associated with pets. For example, if a cat lies down at a person's feet, then he wants to rid him of ailments and negativity.

According to the omens, if a pet lies down next to a person who has some ailment. In this case, he tries to lie down on the body that bothers the owner. The cat is trying to warm and heal the problem area.

If the pet often lies down in the legs, this indicates that the person may have arthritis, myositis, varicose veins or inflammation of the joints.

Why cats lie down at the owner's feet: the main reasons

There are four reasons why a cat lies down at a person's feet. Some of them have a completely logical explanation, while others may make skeptics smile.


Emotions shown by the pet are included in this reason. If the cat lies down at your feet, it can speak of his affection, gratitude, trust and other positive feelings.

Many cats become attached to their owner, so when they are left alone at home, they start to feel very sad. When a person returns home, they try to be with him all the time.

Cats choose only one favorite, recognizing him as a leader. That is why they always try to get into bed with him.


In some cases, the compatible sleep of cats with humans is associated with the peculiarities of the behavior of four-legged animals. Sleeping with the owner gives the cat a sense of security.


A domestic cat feels when something bothers its owner, so it tries to help him cope with this or that ailment. If the cat often adjusts to the knees, then the person should undergo a medical examination. Maybe there's a problem there.


In the lower part of the human body there are chakras with negative energy, and in the upper part with positive energy. Animals can sense changes in them and remove negativity, taking away bad energy.

How to teach a cat to sleep on your feet

If sleeping together with a pet causes a lot of inconvenience, then you need to start weaning the cat. For this, the pet needs to create favorable conditions for sleep.

It is advisable to place the bed next to the battery or heater. You can make him a house from an ordinary cardboard box. You need to find a place in the house where the cat will not be disturbed by bright light and extraneous sounds. It is better to choose a place on a hill so that the pet can observe everything that is happening around him. The cat's bed should be cleaned regularly.

It can take a long time to train a cat to sleep alone, so you should be patient in advance. After eating, the cat can be transferred to his bed and be close to him until he falls asleep. If you repeat this procedure regularly, he will quickly get used to the new place.


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