Why do cunning drivers in the heat simultaneously turn on the air conditioner and open the windows


June 30, 2022, 10:03 | Auto

A non-standard life hack from the sun.

Why do cunning drivers in the heat simultaneously turn on the air conditioner and open windows

Summer weather promotes the appearance of the most diverse and sometimes even bizarre ways to fight the heat, informs Ukr.Media.

Hot weather forces drivers to organize a comfortable temperature in the cabin in one way or another. Most prefer to use a standard air conditioner for this. But there are individuals who prefer to create coolness, so to speak, in a natural way – with the help of the windows of the car that are opened on the move. They specifically do not include the climate system of the car, preferring the grandfather's “way of open windows”.

Air conditioners in their understanding “dry the air,'' causing unpleasant sensations in the nasopharynx. And the air coming from open windows is not. Besides, you won't catch a cold. Yes, but in 30-degree heat, one must admit, one should not expect a special cooling effect from breaths of on-board air.

And that's why smart car owners have come up with a way to avoid a dry throat from the air conditioner and at the same time really cool the cabin in the summer heat. They open the windows for access of air from the outside and at the same time turn on the air conditioner. But at the same time, its regulation is set in a specific configuration. Cool air is directed exclusively to the feet. Due to this, below the level of open windows, a kind of cold “bath” is created. And above the cold layer "walks" warm but fresh air coming from the windows. In such conditions, people in the cabin breathe them, while their bodies enjoy the coolness of the air conditioner.

Environmentally gifted individuals will say that open windows increase the aerodynamic resistance of the car body, which leads to an increase in fuel consumption. As, by the way, and a working air conditioner. That is, it turns out that there is a "double" increase in fuel consumption. But who looks at such trifles when it's more than 30ºC outside?

And who cares that a person for the sake of his own comfort is ready to put up with overspending some 0.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers of mileage? It is interesting, by the way, in this situation that such a mode of operation of the car air conditioner practically does not affect its durability. Even if the windows are open or closed, the air conditioner is forced to work constantly when the vehicle is in motion. Simply because when the car is moving, the onboard air constantly passes through the car's ventilation system, even by gravity, and it needs to be cooled in any case. That is, the resource of the air conditioner compressor is not really affected by windows that are open during its operation. That's why driving in the heat with the windows down and the “climate” working is a completely justified method of achieving the personal comfort of the car owner.


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