Why do experienced auto mechanics wind a screwdriver with tape


May 4, 2022, 14:39 | Auto

A life hack that will be useful to everyone.

Why do experienced auto mechanics wrap a screwdriver with isotrich tape

Vik live is the age to learn, and a simple solution is often the best solution. The story about screwdrivers with isotape confirms this argument one hundred percent, because a penny improvement can not only protect against negative emotions, but also one day save life, informs Ukr.Media.

How to distinguish an experienced master from a beginner? That's right, you just have to look at his tool. It is not only well-groomed and diverse, but also often modified for specific goals and tasks. With keys and heads, everything is more or less clear, but why wrap screwdrivers, especially those that look completely modern, with tape? Is it for a comfortable grip and fight against slipping?

It turns out that everything is much more interesting. The fact is that breakdowns and short circuits in electrical wiring are extremely common not only in a used car or an old garage, but also in completely modern equipment. One awkward movement or a minute's delay can lead to an electric shock, which in the case of 220 volts is fatal. But what is there to say, if car 12V can cause quite tangible troubles, and already in the car in the fall it can “spark” a million wires To avoid electric shock, craftsmen do not rely on the tool manufacturer and additionally insulate not only the tip of the screwdriver, but also part of the handle.

It is clear that the crown of creation in this matter is blue isotrope The main argument of reliability. It is she who most often wraps the entire metal part and the top of the handle, leaving only a small area of ​​the “sting” itself. It doesn't turn out very well, it quickly becomes unusable and flies around, but it does its job. And the financial costs are minimal. It would seem a brilliant and simple solution.

A refined version is a black material isotape, which also allows you to strengthen the grip and finally overcome slipping. Moreover, in winter, for example, such a tool is much more pleasant to use, and thanks to its powerful adhesive properties, it will last much longer. However, it will also fly over time.

But you can do it more carefully! For this, you will only need a couple of sets of various heat shrink, which you just need to put on the metal part of the screwdriver and then heat it on the stove, with a hair dryer or just with a lighter. Such insulation will do its job no worse than blue electrical tape – yes, this also happens – but it will look much more aesthetically pleasing and, perhaps more importantly, it will last much longer.

A newbie will probably say that this is an improvement will spoil the appearance, bring the spirit of the "collective farm" and in general has long since served its term. For example, a modern tool is prepared from the factory, but you have to “climb” into electricity. only with a special screwdriver. However, it is always better to do just in case and not get injured. However, this is called experience.


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